About us

Hey guys! Let me tell you the story behind our awesome website. So, we were hanging out and realized that people only know about popular national days like Independence Day or Valentine’s Day. We thought, “Hold up, what about all the other awesome national days that exist out there?”

That’s how the idea for this website came to be. We want to help people discover the national days that don’t get as much attention but are still super important to celebrate. Moreover, we think that celebrating these days can foster a sense of togetherness among people and promote unity.

You’ll find many national days on our site that we’ve researched and compiled for you. We’ve got all the juicy details about the history, activities, and when and where they’re celebrated. Our goal is to offer you informative content that is thoroughly researched and reviewed, inspiring you to celebrate these days in a way that’s uniquely yours.

If you have a question or a missing national day you want us to feature, just hit us up! We’re here to help you explore and celebrate all the different national days out there.

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