Administrative Professionals Day

Administrative Professionals Day

People who work in administrative roles tend to play great roles and responsibilities in companies worldwide, be it handling the appointments, speaking with the customers, or managing the paperwork. The professional keep everything organized and moving, most of which the normal people fail to do on a day-to-day basis.

However, most of the work administrative assistants do often tends to go unnoticed and unappreciated, and not many people notice their skills required to perform the tasks they do. The Administrative Professionals Day is celebrated to thank the administrative assistants who work as assistants, secretaries, and other employees who tend to give their best at whatever they do for their companies. Make the most of professional secretaries international on April 22; this is the best holiday for all the folks in the business. Observance of professional secretaries international is the best way of celebration gives gifts, card during this business holiday in various countries.


History of the Administrative Professionals Day

Assistants, secretaries, receptionists, and many other staff are recognized for the hard work they put in to represent their companies. The Administrative Professionals Day is aligned with Administrative Professionals Week, a week dedicated to the ones having a position related to the administration.

The position of secretaries has been around ever since the industrial revolution. However, the spark to show the appreciation for the administrators is tied back to World War II. Because of the boom in the business post-war, the National Secretaries Association was discovered in 1942 to attract potential workers to this field. People celebrate administrative professionals week with great enthusiasm. Spread love and awareness this day by giving gifts, cards, and contributions on April 27.

The administrative professionals day is known that the origins of the holiday began via the innovation of many people in the industry, which included Mary Barrett, who was a former president of the association, C. King Woodbridge, who was a president of the Dictaphone Corporation, and Harry F. Klemfuss, who was a PR executive at the Young & Rubicam. Enjoy the national secretaries association day with your colleagues who support professionals at work. This day is celebrated to spread awareness about the office environment and responsibilities. You can also send gift baskets to office managers, professionals, employers, staff, account executives, and other professionals in the organization.

In 1952, the U.S. Secretary of Commerce, Charles Sawyer, proclaimed that the first observance of the National Secretary Day would be celebrated on Wednesday during the National Secretary’s Week.

After a few years, the celebration had to move back to the last entire week of April. It was not until the 2000’s that this holiday name was changed to what we now call Administrative Professionals Day. It was hoped that it would encompass the diversified job titles and the responsibilities of the field’s people.

In today’s times, people often take time to thank their secretaries and many others in the administrative assistant’s areas by giving them flowers, lunches, chocolates, and many other gifts. This is the best way to support during modern economy as professional folks pay huge contributions to the organization and business growth.


How to celebrate the Administrative Professionals Day

If you are working in a business, a workplace, or in an office, and willing to show your appreciation, you can do so by buying some beautiful flowers, gifts, cards and even taking your fellow mates for lunch. Start a conversation with them about how their day was, spend some time with them, and then thank them for the work they do in your company. You can give your organization /company a professional gift card and skills voucher to support staff and help them grow.

If you do not know someone in the administration and are still willing to celebrate, you can share this holiday with your friends and let them know that this is the day to thank their awesome co-workers.


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