Cow Appreciation Day

Cow Appreciation Day 2023

Last Updated on February 6, 2023

Cows are worshipped as divine by the people following Hinduism. Cows are seen as an incarnation of Lord Krishna. Every dawn starts fresh with a cup of coffee, tea, or milk, and the cows deserve an appreciation. The cows must be thought of when we buy any dairy product because of the obedience they give to their masters while being milked. Cows are amazing. They work hard on the farms and be of good help to humans. So, the beautiful cows that live for humans must be praised.

History of Cow Appreciation Day

The cow appreciation day is celebrated on July 9th. The cow appreciation day is popular in The United States of America and a few other countries. The restaurant named Chick-Fil-A created the cow appreciation day to commemorate Heff R.Jones and his humorous “EAT MOR CHIKIN” billboard campaign that took place in the year 1995. The first event was launched in the year 2004, and it was a promotion for the restaurant. The trend is to dress like a cow and eat chicken on the cow appreciation day.


Facts about Cow

  • The gestation period of cows lasts for nine months, like humans.
  • It would be surprising to know that the cows are blind to red and green because we have always believed that red causes anger for the cows and bulls.
  • The first cow to fly in an airplane was Elm Farm Ollie. It was the first cow to be milked in an airplane too. It happened in February in the year 1930.
  • The average domestic cow sleeps only for 4 hours a day.


What should be done on Cow Appreciation Day?

If one lives in a rural part and is lucky enough to have a cow at home, decorate it well for the cow appreciation day. 

The ones in the urban part of the world can enjoy the trend of dressing like a cow and eating chicken with family and friends.

The day is reserved to appreciate the cows, so let the day be celebrated with a wonderful dish made out of dairy products. The culinary experts and passionate amateur cooks can try their best dishes and share them with friends and family. 


Why should we celebrate Cow Appreciation Day?

Cows deserve an appreciation for all that they do for humans. Milk is essential for the calcium in our bones. Milk helps in physical development. As soon as the mother feeding or the formula feeding is stopped, we humans rely on cow’s milk for the strength that our bones have to get. The cow appreciation day must be celebrated to thank the cows that have been helping us grow strong.

The cows are affectionate and lovable. The affection that the cow shows to its calf is nothing less than the love that a mother shows to her child. Though we depend on cow’s milk, the cow would never allow its master to milk it if its calves are not fed first. The cows are sensible and intelligent. Let be amazing attributes of the cow be celebrated on the cow appreciation day.


When is Cow Appreciation Day?

2020July 9
2021July 9
2022July 9
2023July 9


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