International Day of Forests

International Day of Forests 2024

Last Updated on November 28, 2023

Forest is an integral part of our ecosystem. We are nothing without a forest, and we all must make equal efforts to protect the forest. The International day of forests was established on the 21st of March. This was after the efforts of the United Nationals General Assembly. The international day of forests is celebrated as a reminder for the current and future generations to preserve the forest. The united nations are collaborating on forest preservation on 21 March to manage climate change.

Due to excessive population and other reasons, more than 13 million forests are destroyed yearly, and forests are decreasing rapidly. Forests contribute 80% to biodiversity and play a critical role in the changing climate. Hence, it is necessary to take necessary actions to safeguard the forests and have a green planet. The international day of forests should be celebrated by planting more trees and spreading awareness about the activities. Celebrate the international day of forests to manage greenhouse gas emissions, create awareness of the importance of landmass, planting trees such trees to increase oxygen production and control carbon dioxide; all this will eventually boost forest management. The tree-planting campaign is the biggest hit on the international day of forests.

History of International day of forests

History of International day of forests

The United Nations General Assembly coined the term international forest day in 2012 on the 28th of November. On this day, i.e., 21 March, the motive is to create awareness about the importance of forests, plants, and trees. Every year across the globe, people make a resolution to protect forests. The activities and events focus on protecting forests, tree planting, and other community events.

  1. The international day of forests was established as “World Forestry Day” on March 21st by the Food and Agriculture Organization. This day’s celebration involves forests and tree planting.
  2. Annually, annual meetings are held to create awareness about the forests and planting trees. Healthy forests mean millions of trees and food water.
  3. Two scientists showcased the importance of forests and how it helps control carbon emissions. The international day is focused on activities involving forests and management.
  4. On the international day of forest in Bali, Indonesia, on the 8th of Dec 2007, more than 800 people participated.
  5. Bali’s people included more people across the globe, including science, national delegates, known government representatives, and common people.
  6. The preceding discussion on the international day of forests was focused on cross-cutting, change in climatic conditions, global warming, pollution.

What to do on International day of forests

On every international day of forests, both government and common people should be encouraged to plant trees and create awareness about forests.

The organization, schools, and colleges should create events and encourage people to participate in various campaigns like plantings trees, narrate the importance of forests, exhibitions, photo competitions, debates, symposiums, etc., during the international day of forests. Additionally, people can spread the word about the importance of forests and trees in our life by posting about the international day of forests on social media. Many countries are encouraged to undertake tree planting and management of forests. Celebrate international day as it raises awareness about different tree species and sustainable development.

Why should we celebrate the international day of forests?

Forests are essential to survive on Earth. More than one-third of Earth is covered by greenery, which contributes to people’s livelihood by providing food, shelter, medicines, and much more.

Forests are also home to more than 80% of living being, including animals, reptiles, insects, and plants. Celebrating the international day of forests is important as it is a priceless ecology that provides social, health, and economic benefits.

Global deforestation is happening at an alarming rate, and it is a must to protect them; hence the international day of forests is a must for overall well-being. Celebrating the international day of forests on 21st March helps to increase awareness about the forest people.

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