International Jazz Day
Celebrated On April 30, 2021

International Jazz Day 16 days to go

How long until International Jazz Day
International Jazz Day next takes place in 16 days.
Dates of International Jazz Day
In 2021, it is celebrated on April 30th
In 2022, it is celebrated on April 30th
In 2023, it is celebrated on April 30th
In 2024, it is celebrated on April 30th

Are you the kind of person who just loves to hear music? Music that sets your soul on fire? Music that relaxes you and makes you feel de-stressed? Music that gives you happiness? Music that best expresses your current emotions? Music that just makes you want to dance? Well, have you heard of jazz music? 

Jazz music is the kind of music that gets you all pumped up or simply causes you to lie low. International Jazz Day celebrates jazz music all over the world. International Jazz Day is celebrated on 30 April every year since 2011. 


History behind International Jazz Day:

International Jazz Day was first declared as an international holiday in 2011 by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador Herbie Hancock, who himself is a pianist, came up with the idea of International Jazz Day. 

  • Much of UNESCO’s support with regard to organizing International Jazz Day is with the help of the Herbie Hancock Institute of Jazz. 
  • Every year, nearly 200 countries participate in International Jazz Day.
  • International Jazz Day aimed to create awareness among the ignorant and foster jazz music across the globe. 


Facts about Jazz music:

Did you know that Jazz music is a genre of music that finds its origin among the African-American community in New Orleans during the late 19th century? Jazz music is still widely considered as ‘America’s Classical Music.’ 

In the past, it was common to see a jazz band playing music on a steamboat that was sailing along the Mississippi River. The 1920s were famously known as the ‘Jazz Age’ due to the prominence of Jazz music back then. 

This was about the same time that alcohol was banned in the U.S, and so it was illegally sold in illegal clubs called ‘speakeasies’ where Jazz music performances were more frequent.


How to celebrate International Jazz Day?

  1. The best way to celebrate International Jazz Day would be through listening to some of the best hits in Jazz music. 
  2. One could head over to a Jazz music-themed club, or one could just attend jazz music performances. 
  3. One could even make a choice to learn a new instrument like the trumpet, saxophone, and trombone. 
  4. One could even read articles about jazz music or write an article about it by themselves to develop and spread learned knowledge about International Jazz Day and the genre itself. 


Why celebrate International Jazz Day?

International Jazz Day celebrates not only the genre of music; it celebrates culture, life, and humanity. International Jazz Day unites like-mind people who are from around the world. There is a growing decline in Jazz music listeners. Hence, it is important to be educated and to spread knowledge about International Jazz Day and the genre to the general masses. 

International Jazz Day is an international holiday in the calendars of UNESCO and the United Nations. This year, Cape Town in South Africa has been chosen to host International Jazz Day, with the focus being on promoting education and community outreach programs.


When is International Jazz Day?

2020April 30
2021April 30
2022April 30
2023April 30

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