International Older Persons Day
Celebrated On October 1, 2020

International Older Persons Day 13 days to go


Every year October 1 is observed as International Day Of Older Persons. Older people are also known as Senior citizens and they play a vital role in society. They have contributed a very high level to the workplace and have a great experience.

History of International Older Persons Day

  • On December 14, 1990, the United Nations General Assembly stated that October 1 was the International Day of older persons and declared it as a holiday. The holiday for the first time was observed on October 1, 1991. The holiday is recognized to raise awareness on the issues affected by the elderly people such as mistreatment, elderly abuse. 
  • It is also a day to respect the people who contribute that older people make society. The beginning of old age is 65+ years. The label ‘SENIOR CITIZEN’ cites someone who is retired and beyond the age of 60 to 65 years. The 2030 agenda and the Sustainable development goals (SDGs) perceive that development will only be attainable if it includes all ages including the senior citizens. 
  • It is a guarantee that no one will be left behind and every human being will have a chance to fulfill their potential in dignity and equality.


How to Observe

  • The celebration of International day of older persons is to cognizance and empathy on the well being of the elderly. Generally, people celebrate the day by passing time with their grandparents. One can also call to old age home and spend time with old people by baking. 
  • Most people plan for a  long drive for their grandparents or parents to their favorite spot. On this day people also help the elderly people on their household works and fulfill their needs for the daily life routine. If they suffer from financial crises  it is best to  help them by giving cash. 
  • Especially on this day children or grandchildren show their love through giving gifts and they make handcrafted things or write a letter to the elderly people. And on October 1 at the old age home people serve good food to them and offer their needed things to survive. Mostly the International day for older persons is celebrated in the western countries.
  •  Some of the countries are Australia, Canada, and Belgium. On this very special day the elderly people are filled with love and joy to see the way how their children and grandchildren show their adoration.


Why Celebrating International Day of Older Persons is Important ?

  • It is very important to celebrate the International Day of older persons. It creates an opportunity to highlight the important contributions made by the elderly people of our society and elevate awareness of the struggles they have conquered. 
  • And the challenges they have overcome in this aging world. It is very important to celebrate the International day for older persons because they have a great experience on how to live a good life and how to defeat the challenging struggles on Earth. So make your time free on October 1 and spend time with your grandparents or parents.


When is International Older Persons Day?

2020Oct 1
2021Oct 1
2022Oct 1
2023Oct 1


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