Kiss A Ginger Day

Kiss A Ginger Day 2024

Last Updated on November 14, 2023

Every year on January 12th, Kiss a ginger day is celebrated. Red hair always was a dream for hair lovers! But now the style is fading off. A survey says that only 2% of the population have colored their hair red. Kiss a ginger day is a most cherished day for all the red hair folks.


History of Kiss A Ginger Day


  • Kiss Derek Forgie founded kiss a ginger day on January 12, 2009.
  • After kiss a ginger day was established, many people color their hair in red color. Even school-going children got the iconic red hair! Gingers were found everywhere.
  • Kiss a ginger day was created to support redheads all over the world, as many were teased for their red hair color. So, on this day, we all bring kisses and love to all the red hair people.
  • The first redhead was found in the literature by the Greek poet Xenophanes. In one of his works, he depicted that people created God in their own image, so the Thracian Gods had blue eyes and red hair.
  • Nearly only 140 million people are redheads! Scotland has the highest percentage of redheads (naturally) with 13%. Then comes Ireland with a 10% redhead. Redhead is due to genetics, and a group of people across the world have red hair. Parents with red hair have the next-gen population with redheads.
  • There are many actors who are redheads like Karen Gillan, Paul Bettany, Ed Sheeran, Isla Fisher, Amy Adams, Christina Hendricks, Lindsay Lohan, Derek Forgie, and many more. Redheads are such an attractive population!
  • The rarest hair colors of all times are red hair!


How to Celebrate Kiss A Ginger Day 2023?


  • On this day, go to a salon and give your hair a new style, get them gingered! They range on over several hair products to keep your hair to the healthiest!
  • Get your hair colored red and post up with #kissagingerday on social media like Facebook and Twitter!
  • Kiss a ginger day is mostly celebrated in western parts of the world like the US, Canada.
  • On this red hair day, salons give many discounts and extra discounts on the holiday celebrations, and the hair coloring tools are sold on clearance for the celebration, so get one and get your locks colored for the best experience for everyone.
  • We all love Anna from Frozen, Merida from Brave, Jessie from toy story, Ariel; we all admire their gingered hair expressions!
  • If your lucky to have someone redhead in your life, then it’s time to give them a kiss! Give them gifts and show a lot of love to them, make them feel how special they are to you, and their gene is unique!
  • Throw a surprise party for the ginger head in your family, make them feel special for their gene, and make yummy cookies on January 12.
  • There are many actors who are gingers, get your couch and your loved ones, and watch a movie or listen to songs by the gingers!
  • Gingers look very attractive, especially of kiss a ginger event on January 12!
  • You can take special permission to celebrate this ginger holiday event with redheads.
  • Take the opportunity to color redheads on ginger holiday even if you don’t have the gene.


Why is it important to celebrate Kiss A Ginger Day?


  • The best part about redheads is that they do not grey, and being ginger is cool. Redheads never grey because their pigments stay longer than any color; even when the color fades, it changes to silvery-white but not grey!
  • Red is the rarest hair color and is the color that makes a person too attractive and unique!
  • A day where we can specialize our hair and beautify it. The truth is that even if our clothes don’t fit, it’s always great to know our hair makes us look special; this applies to redheads!

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