August Holidays

National Prosecco Day

National Prosecco Day 2023

On National Prosecco Day, people come together to raise a glass and appreciate the taste and versatility of this delightful bubbly beverage. The day offers an opportunity for Prosecco enthusiasts to indulge in their favorite drink and explore different varieties and brands. When is National Prosecco Day? National Prosecco Day is a celebration dedicated to …

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National S'mores Day

National S’mores Day 2023

S’mores are one of the most authentic and yummy ways to enjoy marshmallows.  People of all age groups are fans of the golden brown and yummy taste of S’mores. When is National S’mores Day? This national day is a celebration of the popular American campfire treat called s’mores. It is observed on August 10th each …

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National Bowling Day

National Bowling Day 2023

Bowling-style games are likely to have existed in ancient civilizations; the modern game of bowling is most likely due in Germany. Kegels, like batons, were used for protection or sport. The kegels would be placed at the end of an alley by participants. Each person then rolled a stone in an attempt to knock the …

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Assistance Dog Day

Assistance Dog Day 2023

Assistance Dog Day is a wonderful national day in August that offers people to learn and celebrate the invaluable assistance dogs can deliver to physically challenged people who might need additional support in living a normal life.  When is Assistance Dog Day? Every year on August 4th, Assistance Dog Day is observed. Dogs are a …

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