August Holidays

National Lazy Day

National Lazy Day 2023

August 10 is not like any other day where you need to battle with yourself to get up from bed and reluctantly go to work. It is a special day dedicated to doing nothing but relaxing and not feeling guilty about it. It is “National Lazy Day,” honoring the people who want to goof around …

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National Cat Day

National Cat Day 2023

Cats are considered the most loved pet animal and show good companionship with human beings. National cat day is observed on August 8 in Canada and October 29 in the United States. National Cat Day was observed to bring awareness to rescue cats and make the people understand the number of cats to be rescued …

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National Rum Day

National Rum Day 2023

Every year National Rum Day is observed on the 16th of August. Rum is one of the best beverages that make you warm inside, and it will be great if you mix it with any other beverage. The discovery of this delicious rum takes us to the 17th century; the hardworking slaves on the Caribbean …

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National Aviation Day

National Aviation Day 2023

Every year August 19 is observed as the national aviation day; the national aviation day was created to celebrate aviation development. This national aviation day somehow coincides with Orville Wright’s birthday (one of the Wright brothers) and made significant contributions to powered flight. Nowadays, schools started to organize something (maybe an essay competition or speech …

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