August Holidays

National Dog Day

National Dog Day 2023

Every year August 26 is observed as the national dog day, and this is the day to celebrate our faithful companion in the best way. The dog has been with the human for more than 14,000 years. Dogs are not just dogs; they play with us, they play many important roles in our lives, they …

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National Mustard Day

National Mustard Day 2023

Now, condiments were created exclusively to complement meals. They add a punch to the general taste of the dish. Hence they are especially quite essential. Apart from the ketchup and mayonnaise, another really significant and defining condiment is none other than mustard. Mustard is a herb that serves as a spice. It has a variety …

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National Watermelon Day

National Watermelon Day 2023

Every year the national watermelon day is observed on August 3. Watermelon is 92% of water, which is so satisfying and refreshing during the summer heat. Watermelon cultivation has begun in the Nile Valley during the second millennium B.C. On August 3, we celebrate this ancient juicy berry and its deliciousness. With enough sunlight and …

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National Underwear Day

National Underwear Day 2023

Every year on the 5th of August, National Underwear Day is observed. It is a day when people across the globe wear their favorite undergarments. It can be anything and everything that includes panties, boxers, briefs, anything which provides comfort.  Underwear is a neat layer of clothing worn close to the body and is always …

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National Girlfriends Day

National Girlfriend Day 2023

National Girlfriend Day 2023 is observed on August 1. We determined through our research that it celebrates the special bond of friendship between girls. Girlfriends may fall into different categories; many grew up together, met at school or college, or met at a workplace. Even mothers and sisters can meet the definition of a girlfriend. …

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