February holidays

National Chili Day

National Chili Day 2024

The hot and spicy dishes with chili flavor make the winter wonderful. There isn’t a cuisine without the flavor of chilly. Mexican is known for hot and spicy dishes. Several other cuisines, like Indian and Spanish, also give a lot of importance to chili. The celebration of chili may be originated in Spain. The chili …

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National Signing Day

National Signing Day 2024

National signing day is significant for student-athletes in the United States of America. The national signing day begins the college football team’s signing session. There is also a national signing eve for other sports, but college football’s popularity is high. The national signing day is held every year on the 3rd Wednesday of February for …

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World Radio Day

World Radio Day 2024

Radio has been the instrument of mass communication before the advent of Television. Now we have FM on our mobile, and the long journey in the car is awesome as we hear the songs played on the FM. The radio jockeys do a wonderful job of entertaining us in the best possible way. Radio has …

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National Pizza Day

National Pizza Day 2024

Pizza is an amazing wonder. Now pizza lovers are all over the world. It is surprising to know that pizza wasn’t known outside Italy before World War 2. The cheesy and saucy bread is a real wonder that could melt the tongue and give joy to the minds of those who taste it. It could …

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World Nutella Day

National Nutella Day 2024

Nutella is a wonder from Italy. It makes the bread topping for the bread. The chocolate is merged with nuts, and the taste of it melts the tongue. The amazing chocolate wonder is worth to be celebrated as millions of people around the world love it. The warm taste of this hazelnut spread gives joy. …

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