July Holidays

Share a Hug Day

Share a Hug Day 2023

“Share a Hug Day” promotes human connection, love, and positivity. So, whether it’s on a designated day or any other day, don’t be afraid to give someone a warm and genuine hug if they are open to it, as long as it aligns with their comfort level and boundaries. A warm hug can make anyone …

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National Lasagna Day

National Lasagna Day

National Lasagna Day is a day to celebrate this delicious dish; whether it’s made at home, eaten at an Italian restaurant, or shared with friends and family, you can’t ignore the flavorful taste of Lasagna. It celebrates the perfect lasagna’s flavors, unique textures, and beautiful art. When is National Lasagna Day? Each year on July …

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National Milk Chocolate Day

National Milk Chocolate Day

Milk chocolate combines solid chocolate with powdered, liquid, or condensed milk. The most popular candy bars are made with milk chocolate. It is rich in flavor and loaded with yumminess. People of all age groups love the taste of milk chocolate. When is National Milk Chocolate Day? All chocolate lovers unite every year on July …

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National Scotch Day 2023

According to countless people worldwide, nothing says relaxation after a long, hard week like a glass of good whisky. And, while drinking in the middle of the week is probably not a good habit to form, you could probably make an exception on National Scotch Day and appreciate this beloved alcoholic beverage. So, grab a …

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National Lamington Day

National Lamington Day

July 21st is celebrated as National Lamington Day! It’s a special day to enjoy the yummy dessert called a lamington. It’s a famous treat in Australia, and people of all age groups love it. Let’s learn more about this day, its history, fun facts, and various ways to celebrate National Lamington Day. So, let’s enjoy …

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National Junk Food Day

National Junk Food Day 2023

Do you like to eat food that could be healthier, like things that are greasy, cheesy, or sugary? Well, on July 21st, there is a special national day called National Junk Food Day, where we celebrate and enjoy these yummy but not-so-healthy treats. It’s a day for us to eat our favorite junk food without …

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