June Holidays

National Sunglasses Day

National Sunglasses Day 2023

Every year, June 27 is observed as National Sunglasses Day. This day is becoming more popular, especially nowadays, and people understand the danger of UV (Ultra Violet) rays exposure. Also, people understand the importance of sunglasses and why we have to wear sunglasses. Wearing sunglasses is a fashion, and it is a trend always, but …

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Global Running Day

Global Running Day 2023

Global running day is observed on the first Wednesday of June every year. So, this 2023 global running day will be observed on June 2. The global running day is the day to celebrate running. Are you looking for a perfect moment to start a fitness activity? June 7 (Global Running Day) is coming. On …

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National Camera Day

National Camera Day 2023

Every year June 29 is observed as the national camera day. People are observing this day to honor the camera, photographs, and their invention. The camera has the superpower to freeze a moment, you can record or snap any moment, and it will come with you till the end of life. The camera is an …

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