March Holidays

National Puppy Day

National Puppy Day 2023

  The National Puppy Day is observed every year on 23rd March and celebrates the unconditional love and affection we have for the pups. Their wiggles and cuddles surely brings a smile to our face. The National Puppy Day brings much awareness of how needful the care and homes are for the pups and to …

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Employee Appreciation Day

Employee Appreciation Day 2023

  Appreciation is the key motivator for making the employee perform better. The employee puts in effort for the betterment of the company they work in, and they deserve a day to be appreciated. The performance appraisal falls bi-annually or annually in the companies, but it a formal appraisal where the areas which have to …

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National Joe Day

National Joe Day 2023

If your name is Joe, well, you must think of March 27 as your second birthday since it is known to be National Joe Day. Even if your name is Joey, Joanna, Josephine, Jodie, Joe Montana, Joe Pesci, Joe Walsh, Joe Jonas, Joe Jo, Joe Cocker, Joe Biden, or Jo-Jo, this day is for you …

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National Napping Day

National Napping Day 2023

Imagine that you woke up early and got an amazing start to your day. You’ve been very productive at work, getting all your work completed and attending those important calls and meetings. Basically, your adulting day is going great. You can use the daylight saving time to relax. You have been doing good throughout all …

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National Cereal Day

National Cereal Day 2023

Cereals provide a lot of health benefits, and it should be included in our daily diet. Cereal could be an addition to the breakfast, or it could be a bedtime snack. Breakfast cereals and corn flakes can energize the mind and body. Cereals provide a lot of proteins, and it has got vitamins. Cereals must …

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National Pi Day

National Pi Day 2023

Pi is a mathematical constant. The pi was first calculated by Archimedes of Syracuse, who lived from 287-212 BC. The constant pi has got a unique aspect. The national pi day is celebrated to honor this special number in various countries around the world. Pi day is a celebration to honor numbers and mathematics. Pi …

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National Proposal Day

National Proposal Day 2023

The proposal day need not be confused with Valentine’s Day. The proposal day is for those who have been waiting to declare their love for each other with a ring. Valentine’s Day is celebrated all over the world. The loving couples enjoy the best on valentine’s day. The proposal day must be an initiator to propose …

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International Waffle Day

International Waffle Day 2023

Who can say no to the sweet and crunchy goodness of waffles? Waffles go well with anything, from syrup to ice cream. Some places even sell waffle fusion food, like waffle sandwiches. Waffles are the ultimate breakfast or dessert item, especially the Belgian waffle is famous around the world. You can have it with a …

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