May Holidays

Memorial Day

Memorial Day 2023

  May. 30, Memorial Day for many Americans, serves as the day of hot dogs, hamburgers, swimming pool, and basically, summertime. But this last Monday of the month also serves as an important day to honor the ones who have died in the American Armed Forces. It is the day that is steeped in American …

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Teachers Appreciation Week

Teachers Appreciation Week 2023

  Teachers are students’ support system, guide, life coach, role model, mentor, caregivers, problem solvers, etc. Teachers’ journey in school is very important, and to make it more memorable, Teachers Appreciation Week is celebrated. Teachers, students, parents come together and celebrate the teachers and their contribution to the school for an entire week (first week …

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National Burger Day

National Burger Day 2023

Every year on the 28th of May, National Burgers day is celebrated with great enthusiasm. Burgers have always got a constant place in our hearts and deserve a day to celebrate. National burgers day is celebrated to show our happiness towards yummy and humble burgers; the word ‘hamburger’ is from the city of ‘Hamburg,’ Germany. …

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Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day 2023

Every year Mother’s Day is celebrated on the 2nd Sunday of May month. Mother’s Day is celebrated to appreciate the person who has an unending love and unchanging trust in us! It’s a day to appreciate our mom, who thinks of us every second. Mom is not only a single character; she becomes a doctor …

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National Maritime Day

National Maritime Day 2023

For those of you who are wondering what ‘maritime’ means, maritime refers to transport by water. In other words, it refers to the transport of people or goods by waterways. This was once a huge industry that people relied on for travel across long distances, particularly from one continent to another, especially before airplane commercialization. …

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National Wine Day

National Wine Day 2023

May 25 is observed as national wine day; there is no need for a special day and special occasion to celebrate wine’s taste. Even we have an official day to celebrate the divine of the wine, and that is on May 25. As you all know, wine is an alcoholic beverage made from fermented grapes …

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National Brisket Day

National Brisket Day 2023

If you are a meat-eater, then there are high chances that you would enjoy yummy brisket. Each year National Brisket Day is celebrated on the 28th of May. Brisket is considered as one of the best and most preferred cuts of beef. The brisket is nothing but the tender version of the breast of beef.  …

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International Hummus Day

International Hummus Day 2023

Hummus is an international celebrity, which is why the 13th of May is celebrated as International Hummus Day. Millions of people around the world love hummus because it is dairy-free, free from nuts, and is vegan.  The best part about Hummus is, it goes well with almost anything and everything. Be it veggies or bread …

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