May Holidays

National Receptionists Day

National Receptionists Day 2023

National Receptionists Day is a holiday celebrated on the second Wednesday in May every year to recognize the importance of receptionists in our daily lives and to show appreciation for their hard work and dedication. In 2023, it is celebrated on May 10. Let’s learn more about this day, the history of National Receptionists Day, …

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National Sleepover Day

National Sleepover Day 2023

National Sleepover Day is a holiday celebrated on the first Friday of May each year. This year it is celebrated on May 9. A day dedicated to spending time with friends and family, staying late, and having fun. If you love sleepovers, then you should also know more about the history of National Sleepover Day, …

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National Cosmopolitan Day

National Cosmopolitan Day 2023

National Cosmopolitan Day marks the celebration of the iconic cocktail that is seen as a symbol of glamor, sophistication, and femininity. This holiday is observed on May 7th every year, and it is a time for people to indulge in the sweet, tangy, and refreshing taste of a cosmopolitan while enjoying the company of friends …

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National Beverage Day

National Beverage Day 2023

National Beverage Day is celebrated on May 6th every year to commemorate the wide variety of refreshing drinks that many people enjoy. This day calls out people to celebrate the endless varieties of beverages, from fizzy sodas to natural juices and everything in between. It’s a day to raise a glass and say cheers to …

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