November Holidays

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day 2023

America’s Thanksgiving holiday was born in the early 1500s, was mythologized in the year 1621, and started to be observed during the late bleak hours during the Civil War. However, today it stands as one of the most beloved and anticipated days of the nation. It is celebrated every year on the fourth Thursday in …

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National Adoption Day

National Adoption Day 2023

Each baby in this world is special, but adopted babies are extremely special because they do not come out of the womb; they make a special place in their parent’s hearts. This is the reason adopted babies are called heart babies. Each year on Saturday before Thanksgiving in November is celebrated as National Adoption Day.  …

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World Kindness Day

World Kindness Day 2023

  Kindness is the noblest and heart-warming gesture of humankind, and the world today is definitely in need of this more often. Kindness knows no race, power, religion, caste, language, and social status, which is why it is often known as the universal sign of love.  Kindness being the need of the hour, is to …

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National Princess Day 

National Princess Day 2023

Every year November 18, National princess day is celebrated. There is no one who hates princesses; it may be real or fake. Everyone loves the princess and wants to be like them. Everyone loves princesses because they are kind, patient, calm, and beautiful! Most of the girls always wanted to be like them. History of …

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National Cake Day

National Cake Day 2023

The creamy, colorful cake is what each of us can enjoy throughout the day. The cake is an evergreen delicacy; you can enjoy it as the best dessert. Cake cutting is mandatory for all types of celebrations.  The colorful cake can bring joy instantly, which is why each year, the 26th of November is celebrated …

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National Pickle Day

National Pickle Day 2023

You will be amazed to know that the yummy, sweet, spicy, and tangly picks do have a day to celebrate. Each year 14th of November is celebrated as National Pickle Day. There is hardly going to be someone who is not a fan of pickles. Pickles are the perfect partners and the best side dishes …

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National Redhead Day

National Redhead Day 2023

The National Redhead Day (also known as Love Your Red Hair Day) is celebrated on November 5 annually for 5 years. This day is to glorify the remarkable red-haired people for their noteworthy bright hair. This day is mainly celebrated to embrace and empower the less than 2% population of redheads worldwide.     History of …

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Veterans Day

Veterans Day 2023

Veterans Day is a special day set aside to celebrate the bravery of those who sacrificed their lives for the country during war and express gratitude to those still alive and serving the country. This day is celebrated on November 11 every year and is a legal holiday. History of Veterans Day  When the most …

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