Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day

Every year Mother’s Day is celebrated on the 2nd Sunday of May month. Mother’s Day is celebrated to appreciate the person who has an unending love and unchanging trust in us! It’s a day to appreciate our mom, who thinks of us every second. Mom is not only a single character; she becomes a doctor when we are ill, but she also becomes a teacher when we study and more on. A mother is an angel from heaven; her only goal in life is to see you smile. 


History of Mother’s Day

Here is a brief history of Mother’s Day. This is how the wonderful day made a mark for itself in history.

  1. Anna Jarvis founded mother’s Day. Woodrow Wilson, the 28th US president, officially announced International Mother’s Day and the date.
  2. It is essential to celebrate Mother’s Day because they deserve it! A day where we come to know even if we don’t like ourselves or feel unsupported, we have a loving soul beside us who always encourages us without limits!
  3. There is a mythological story behind Mother’s Day. Mother’s was celebrated by the ancient Greeks to honor Rhea, the mother of many gods and goddesses.
  4. First Mother’s Day was celebrated in1908
  5. Carnations are the flower that symbolizes motherly love!
  6. Mother’s Day is celebrated to honor motherhood around the world!
  7. Anne Jarvis passed away on 24 November 1984.
  8. More than 40 countries celebrate Mother’s Day!
  9. Mother’s Day is actually celebrated to appreciate the sacrifices and endless love shown by each and every mother to their children.


How to observe Mother’s Day?

Here are some cool ways to celebrate Mother’s Day.

  1. Surprise your mother by giving a bunch of her favorite flowers.
  2. Get your mom a cute gift which they would like.
  3. Treat your momma with candies, chocolates, or cook their favorite food.
  4. Most importantly, thank her for the sacrifices, love she has done for you, which no one else could do! Give her respect and love every single day.
  5. Let your mom know how important she is to you. Take her on a trip and surprise her—a place where she has talked to you that he always wanted to go.
  6. Collage your mom’s favorite moments and make her feel happy and make her remember the golden days.
  7. Get your mom her favorite dress, any fancy trinkets.


Why is it important to celebrate Mother’s Day?

This day is celebrated to show love to your mom to honor her for what she has done for you to see the smile on your face. Show love to your mom. She is the only person who can read your face and tell you what situation you are in.  There is no substitute for a mother; hence make her day special by celebrating Mother’s Day.

Mother’s give their heart and soul to make your life beautiful. It is imperative to celebrate Mother’s Day and let her know how much you mean to her.


When is Mother’s Day?

2020May 10
2021May 9
2022May 8
2023May 14


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