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National BarberShop Quartet Day 2023

Last Updated on March 26, 2023

National BarberShop Quartet Day is celebrated on April 11th annually in the United States. This holiday is dedicated to celebrating the four-part harmonies of the barbershop quartet. It is a chance to honor the talented musicians who create this unique style of music and the traditions they continue to keep alive. This day is all about celebrating the unique style of music and the good traditional value. 

History of National BarberShop Quartet Day

Barbershop quartet music is a type of music that was popularized in the early 20th century. These groups would gather in barber shops to sing together in four-part harmonies. The term “barbershop” comes from the fact that many of these early quartets would perform in barber shops. The style of music is characterized by close harmonies and a cappella singing, often with the lead singer holding the melody while the other three voices harmonize around it.

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Why Celebrate National BarberShop Quartet Day?

National BarberShop Quartet Day is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the unique style of music known as barbershop quartet music. This music is an important part of American musical history and has been enjoyed by audiences for over a century. On this day, we celebrate the hard work and dedication of the performers who keep this tradition alive.

How to Celebrate National BarberShop Quartet Day

Here are some ways to celebrate National BarberShop Quartet Day

  1. Attend a Performance: National BarberShop Quartet Day is a day when many barbershop quartets perform in public. You can find out about any local performances by looking online.
  2. Listen to Barbershop Quartet Music: Listen to classic barbershop quartet hits like “Sweet Adeline,” “Lida Rose,” and “My Wild Irish Rose” on National BarberShop Quartet Day. 
  3. Watch a Movie or Documentary: Many movies and documentaries about barbershop quartet music exist. Watching one can help you learn about the history and tradition of this type of music.
  4. Sing with Friends: You can gather friends and sing your favorite barbershop quartet songs together. There are many helpful resources available online to learn and sing barbershop harmonies.
  5. Learn about Barbershop Quartet Music: The history and tradition of barbershop quartet music are fascinating. The techniques and harmonies used in this style of music are unique and beautiful. Appreciate the art and the artist on this day. 

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Fun Facts about National BarberShop Quartet Day

Here are some fun facts about barbershop quartet music:

  1. The barbershop quartet is one of the few musical genres originating in the United States.
  2. The first barbershop quartet convention was held in 1939 in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
  3. The Barbershop Harmony Society, founded in 1938, is the largest organization dedicated to barbershop quartet music.
  4. The International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella (ICCA) includes a category for barbershop quartet music.
  5. The Barbershop Harmony Society hosts an annual International Convention, featuring performances by top barbershop quartets worldwide.

In a nutshell, National BarberShop Quartet Day is an April national day that celebrates the unique style of music and pays tribute to the performers who keep it alive. This holiday is a chance to appreciate the harmony and melody of barbershop quartet music in American musical history. There are many ways to celebrate this marvelous day, such as attending a performance, singing with friends, or learning more about the history of barbershop quartet music. So, on April 11th, take the time to enjoy the tradition and talent of the barbershop quartet.

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