National Best Friends Day
Celebrated On June 8, 2021

National Best Friends Day 239 days to go

June 8 is celebrated as the national best friends day and this day is to celebrate the bonding of yours with your best or special person that you call as a best friend. National best friends day is the day to show to your best friends that how much they are important to you and how much they meant to you. Everyone in this world will have their own best friends and they will have a beautiful memory together. So the objective of the national best friends day is to appreciate your best buddies for the company, support, and all that they gave you. Friends are the best gift that every human on this earth can get.


History of the National Best Friends Day


  • 1935 (During a United States congressional hearing the National best friends day was established)
  • 2007 (By writing about the national best friends day in the column of the “Chicago Sun-Times”, Mary Wisniewski reenergized the holiday)
  • 2009 (In the Time Square he partners with the hosted a celebration of national best friends day and they encouraged the viewers to join on fun)
  • 2015 (In this year the national best friends day gone viral by the work of America’s most popular coffee shop, Starbucks)


Activities to do on the National Best Friend Day


  • Schedule a meetup

Call your best buddy and schedule a meeting, maybe a face to face meeting or even a talk on the phone. Update yourself about your best buddy and tell them how much they have helped you when you were in trouble and show them how much they are mean to you.

  • Present a gift

Purchase some gift (maybe your favorite thing or your best buddy’s favorite thing) even a very small gift and present it to them on this beautiful occasion. Friends do not expect gifts, presentations, and surprise but when you do those it will be amazing and they will be happy.

  • Rewind the good memories

This national best friends day may be a throwback day for you, just look at the old photos, and start to rewind the old and the best memories of you with your best buddy. Reminisce the old conversation, the support they gave, and all. Thank them for all of these wonderful memories.

  • Pose like a supermodels

The national best friends day is not only about celebrating the existing bond but on this day you can also make a strong connection with your best friends. If possible pose like a super-model with your best buddies and take a snap, frame it, and also give a copy to your friend. 


Why Everyone Loves the National Best Friends Day?


  • Best friends are family

Best friends are not only friends they are the family that we chose. They will be with us all the time especially during the tough time and they will be always ready to put effort to make us happy.

  • Friends are fun and they understand us

Having a best friend will always be fun, best friends are the one who travels with us, dance with us, and relax with us. And naturally, best friends are the one who does not expect a lot from you but instead they will completely understand you.


When is National Best Friends Day?

2020June 8
2021June 8
2022June 8
2023June 8


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