National Boss Day

National Boss Day 2023

Last Updated on April 2, 2023

October 16th every year is National Boss Day, a day for celebrating the people in your life who keep us employed! The boss is also slang used to describe a person or thing that is excellent. So if you’re blessed with an amazing boss, do something for them this October national day!

History of the National Boss Day

History of National Boss Day

Research says that In 1958, National Boss Day was registered by Patricia Bays Haroski as a holiday with the United States Chamber of Commerce in honor of her father, who was supposedly also her employer. She made this holiday to improve the official relations between the supervisors and the employees and raise the cognizance of all the hard work the bosses put into their jobs. She felt that the younger employees did not appreciate their bosses enough, and when she knew how much her father contributed and what he went through to run the company smoothly, it changed her viewpoint entirely. However, this day was officially a national holiday until Illinois Governor Otto Kerner supported her registration four years later.

How to celebrate the National Boss Day

How To Observe national boss day

You can celebrate National Boss Day by indulging in the following activities. Whether gifting your boss or reminding them what they mean to you, you can do anything to make him feel loved and special!

  1. Make your boss’s day great to honor the day, and you can get a cute greeting card for yourself and all the other co-workers to sign. Or you can even consider buying a fun gift for your boss that they’ve always wanted to have. If you have difficulty selecting a gift, consider donating to a charity or foundation in their name.
  2. Remind them of what they mean to you. You can also send your boss a heartfelt email and tell them how much they mean to you and how much you appreciate them. If you feel a bit fancy, you can also write an old-school letter to thank them for all the inspiration and dedication they have shown to you. Whatever way, they would appreciate you appreciating them.
  3. You can also help them out on the job.

Ask your boss about the step you can take to make their tasks easier. It can be a simpler reply asking you to come on time or ensure the printer refills the papers. However, it could also be a great chance to grow in your career and take points on the daily reports or the quarterly goals. Anyway, the offer to go above and beyond would be appreciated. 

Making your boss feel special on their day is the key to appreciating their hard work and efforts to run the company smoothly. So celebrate the day with your boss and co-workers, and you all can make the most out of the day!

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