National Bourbon Day

National Bourbon Day

There would be hardly a spirit lover who is not aware of Bourbon. It is also famously called the official spirit of the United States of America. The Bourbon is in the beverages industry since 1964, and all the credit goes to beloved President Lyndon B. Johnson. Every year June 14th is celebrated as National Bourbon Day.

History of National Bourbon Day

Every year National Bourbon Day is celebrated with great enthusiasm. During the 1700s, the drink was distilled, and since then, there is no looking back. There are plenty of ways whiskey lovers prefer to gulp down Bourbon. 

  • National Bourbon Day started back in the year 1964 
  • The same year congressional decided to make Bourbon a famous American native spirit.
  • It is said that Bourbon originated from Bourbon County. 
  • It is said that during the late 1780s, old fish barrels were used to store the spirits. The fish-flavored wood enhances the taste. 


How to Observe National Bourbon Day?

We all must observe National Bourbon Day in a super-duper fun way. Here are some amazing activities which can be done on the National Bourbon Day 

  1. Prepare a Cocktail 

All you need is to add your favorite ingredients, mix them up with bourbon, and prepare your favorite cocktail. This is the best and old fashioned way to celebrate National Bourbon Day. You are free to add, mix, and match the ingredients based on your taste buds. 

  1. Host a Party 

This is another spectacular way to celebrate National Bourbon Day. Host a party and prepare only lips making bourbon. It can be called a bourbon tasting party as well. It will help all your buddies to relish and explore the amazing aroma. If you want to add more life to this party, don’t forget to experiment. You can add a dash of unique flavor to the bourbon that includes fruity, floral, nutty, earthy, herbs, and whatnot.

  1. Watch the Documentary 

You would be amazed to know the history behind National Bourbon Day. Take this day as an opportunity to watch the full-length documentary about bourbon, and don’t forget to sip refreshing bourbon in between.


Why Celebrating National Bourbon Day is Important?

The National Bourbon Day plays a vital part in creating a history of the United States of America. It is a must to celebrate and acknowledge. Here is the top reason why you should observe National Bourbon Day.

  1. Blends with everything 

Bourbon is extremely versatile, and it can be mixed and matched with almost everything. You can drink it neat or no rock or give your creative twist. The final output will be refreshing, for sure. 

  1. American 

It is a known fact that the USA is known for producing award-winning wines, beers, and yummy vodkas. You cannot simply miss the bourbon; hence celebrating National Bourbon Day is important for a true American.

  1. Group up Drink  

The Bourbon is a drink for grownups and for everyone who wants to celebrate the hardship of adulthood. Grab a bottle of bourbon and gulp it down with your buddies.


When is National Bourbon Day?

2020June 14
2021June 14
2022June 14
2023June 14


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