National Burger Day

National Burger Day

Every year on the 28th of May, National Burgers day is celebrated with great enthusiasm. Burgers have always got a constant place in our hearts and deserve a day to celebrate. National burgers day is celebrated to show our happiness towards yummy and humble burgers; the word ‘hamburger’ is from the city of ‘Hamburg,’ Germany.


History of National Burger Day


  • In the 19th or early 20th century, hamburgers first appeared! 
  • In 1900 the USA was the first country where two slices of bread and a ground beef steak was made into a ‘HAMBURGER’ by Louis Lassen.
  • Germany is famous for burgers!
  • Argentina is the country that consumes the highest amount of beef and burgers. They consume 39.9 kilograms of beef per person!
  • The world’s best burgers are got at Au Cheval, Chicago.
  • India consumes the least amount of meat.
  • The big mac is the iconic style of burgers and is the most sold burgers of all time.
  • Burgers are suitable for all types of celebrations! It fills our stomach and the day!
  • ‘Man who invented hamburgers was smart, but the one who made cheeseburger was genius’ by Oscar-winning actor Matthew McConaughey!
  • There is none to hate burgers because burgers got their heart!


How to observe National Burger Day


  • On this day, there are many offers on burgers! Go to your nearby restaurants and start tasting types of burgers.
  • On May 28, go to your nearby store and get the needed materials to make burgers. The best burgers are not bought; they are made! Make your burgers with love.
  • Give burgers to your loved ones, friends, family. Spread the love by sharing burgers!
  • There are varieties of burgers all over the world, people restrict us not to eat a lot of burgers, but once you have fallen in love with burgers, you can never change!
  • On May 28, host a burger contest with your neighborhood community members, cheer them p to make their burgers’ signature style.
  • Look for a movie, pull up your friends or loved ones, grab a couch make or order burgers, and enjoy your day! The best combination of burgers is cool drinks, which make us peaceful and calm!
  • Infuse your own style of burgers! Don’t wait for holidays to share your burgers.
  • Post a picture with your signature style burger with #nationalburgerday!


Why it is important to celebrate National Burger Day


  • Burgers are irreplaceable; they taste like no other dishes, burgers are different and mouth-watering.
  •  You don’t have to be a chef to make burgers because the well-known food brands have easily done our works.
  • On this day, shops and shopping malls would sell tools that are used to make burgers; this is done to encourage people to celebrate National Burgers day.
  • Make sure you make juicy patties to stuff in the burger buns with exotic sauce and cheese flavors.
  • A good burger is an American film which is all about burgers; Brian Robbins directed it. Meat or veggie burgers are always lip-smacking, yum.


When is National Burger Day?

2020May 28
2021May 28
2022May 28
2023May 28


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