National Cartoonists Day

National Cartoonists Day 2023

Last Updated on March 25, 2023

National Cartoonists Day is celebrated every year on May 5th to honor the creative work of cartoonists who make people laugh and learn with their relatable cartoons. Cartoonists use their artistic skills to create fun and colorful images of people, places, and events. We all would have enjoyed seeing cartoons in newspapers, TV shows, and our personal collections.

History of National Cartoonists Day:

National Cartoonists Day was established in 1946 by a group of prominent cartoonists, including Rube Goldberg and Milton Caniff. The organization was established to promote the art of cartooning, provide a platform for professional cartoonists to connect and collaborate, and advocate for their rights and interests. In 1995, this society declared May 5th as National Cartoonists Day to celebrate the art form and recognize the contributions of cartoonists.

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Why celebrate National Cartoonists Day?

National Cartoonists Day is an opportunity to appreciate the creativity and humor of cartoonists. Cartoons have a unique ability to entertain and educate people of all ages and cultures and can be used to communicate complex ideas and issues in a simple and accessible way. Moreover, cartoonists often use their art to highlight social and political issues in a fun and witty way.  These creative people also create cartoons that advocate for the causes they believe in, bringing attention to important topics.

How to celebrate National Cartoonists Day:

There are many ways to celebrate National Cartoonists Day, whether you’re a cartoonist yourself or simply a fan of the art form. Here are a few smart ideas to make the most of this day. 

  1. Create your own cartoon: The best way to celebrate National Cartoonists Day is to try your hands at creating your own cartoon. You can either draw a single-panel cartoon or a multi-panel comic strip. Be sure to share your work on social media with the hashtag #NationalCartoonistsDay.
  2. Attend a cartooning event: There are many events happening where you can meet and learn from professional cartoonists. You can check local listings to see if any are happening near you during National Cartoonists Day.
  3. Support your favorite cartoonist: On this day, you can buy their work, follow them on social media, and share their art with others.
  4. Watch cartoons: National Cartoonists Day is a special day to celebrate the best cartoons in the world. You can watch some of your favorite cartoons and have a lot of fun.

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Fun facts about National Cartoonists Day:

  1. The first cartoonist to win a Pulitzer Prize was Rube Goldberg in 1948 for his editorial cartoons.
  2. The longest-running comic strip in history is “The Katzenjammer Kids,” which debuted in 1897 and ran for over 100 years.
  3. Walt Disney was one of the first cartoonists to use synchronized sound in his cartoons, starting with the 1928 short “Steamboat Willie,” which introduced the world to Mickey Mouse.
  4. Cartoonists often use their own experiences and personalities as inspiration for their characters. For example, the character of Garfield was inspired by cartoonist Jim Davis’s own love of lasagna and his pet cat.

In conclusion, National Cartoonists Day is a day to celebrate the unique art of cartooning and honor the contributions of cartoonists to our culture and society. Whether you enjoy classic comics or modern animated shows, take some time to appreciate the creativity, humor, and social commentary that cartoons can offer. Spread the word about this day by using similar hashtags. 

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