National Coffee Milkshake Day

National Coffee Milkshake Day 2023

Last Updated on May 26, 2023

A milkshake sounds refreshing in the middle of July, but a coffee milkshake sounds even better. The combination of creamy ice cream and coffee brightens even the longest workday. When you add chocolate, this treat becomes a mocha as well. Nobody can say no to a delicious mug of refreshing and chilled coffee milkshake on a sunny day.

When is National Coffee Milkshake Day?

Every year on July 26, National Coffee Milkshake Day is enthusiastically observed by people of all age groups. A refreshing caffeinated beverage is ideal for a hot summer day. A coffee milkshake contains less caffeine than a regular iced coffee, making it more suitable for children. On a hot day, a chilled coffee milkshake can instantly boost your mood.

2023July 26Wednesday
2024July 26Friday
2025July 26Saturday

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History of National Coffee Milkshake Day

The term “milkshake” first came out to a mass audience in the year 1885. Milkshakes were alcoholic drinks formed with eggs and whisky, similar to today’s eggnog, and were very different from what you can get currently. However, the term “milkshake” soon came to refer to ice cream-based drinks with chocolate, strawberry, or vanilla syrups. Milkshakes were a popular drink in the 1930s at the type of malt shops depicted in many of today’s films, which were popular student hangouts. Sharing a milkshake with a dating couple became a sign of intimacy in the 1940s and 1950s.

Why Celebrate National Coffee Milkshake Day?

Somewhere along the route, coffee was replaced with milkshakes as it offers a caffeine boost and a different punch of flavor that too in a chilled manner. This day was created to memorialize the flavorful combination of coffee and ice cream. There have been multitudinous variations of this drink, including Starbucks’ Frappuccino, and people absolutely love coffee milkshakes any time of the day.

How to Celebrate National Coffee Milkshake Day?

Here are some fabulous ways to celebrate National Coffee Milkshake Day.

  1. Prepare Own Coffee Milkshake: How about preparing a delicious mug of coffee milkshake with your favorite ingredient on National Coffee Milkshake Day??. Make it a bit unique by adding special ingredients and surprise your loved ones.
  2. Coffee Milkshake Party: On the occasion of the National Coffee Milkshake, organize a party and try out the different varieties with your friends.  You can also try out all the variants and announce a winner.
  3. Mix up: On this national day, mix coffee milkshakes in every flavor and enjoy the unique taste and punch of flavors in your mouth.

Fun Facts About National Coffee Milkshake Day:

  •  The main ingredients are coffee, milk, chocolate syrup, vanilla ice cream, and whipped cream. This date was chosen because it is in the middle of summer.
  • Coffee beverages and milkshakes are two of Americans’ most popular summer foods. For hundreds of years, coffee has been regarded as a superior beverage. It is thought to provide energy, particularly during night shifts.
  • Most elderly people rely solely on coffee to get through the day. Simply put, many of us can’t imagine going a day without a cup of coffee.

On National Coffee Milkshake Day, gulp down a refreshing and chilled mug of coffee milkshake with your favorite people and enjoy this day to the fullest. Don’t forget to make beautiful memories on this wonderful national day in July and celebrate this day in a unique way.

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