National Coloring Book Day

National Coloring Book Day 2023

Last Updated on May 29, 2023

Every year, August 2 is celebrated as National coloring book day; everyone, from children to adults, enjoys creating their designs. On this day, there is an exorbitant amount of coloring books sold, and people love to celebrate this day to relax and relive their childhood.

History of National Coloring Book Day

The first coloring book was created by the McLoughlin brothers with the collaboration of Kate Greenaway; the first book was published in the 1880s. This day from the national day calendar was first solemnized by Jace Shoemaker-Galloway in 2015. Coloring books were not only created for children; it was also used as therapy by psychologists as coloring books enhanced cognitive abilities and conceptual knowledge, it was also used to find a profession for adults, and for kids, it was used as spiritual edification. McLoughlin published The Little Folks Painting Book.

In the later part Richard F. Outcault, the great American cartoonist and comic strip publisher 1907 released Buster’s Paint Book and the lead character called Buster Brown; this coloring book was used as an element for advertisement. Initially, paints were used to fill the coloring book. In the later part, crayons existed, and people still used paint.

Why Celebrate National Coloring Book Day?

National coloring book day is celebrated to acknowledge the long-lived fame of coloring books and to relive childhood. This day is celebrated to focus as coloring books increase problem solving skills, and constant coloring practices could improve focus and relax the mind.

Apart from scribbling with colors, this day is celebrated to spread awareness of the various benefits of coloring books. It is important to observe this day as colors greatly impact human emotions and mood; colors are known to be calming as colors can relax our brain from any fear, anxiety, or stress. Coloring is a free therapy as coloring between the lines encourages focus and helps one to forget stress. Coloring a book seems to be like freedom as one is freed from anxiety, stress, and problems, and coloring allows creativity as it allows you to color out all your ideas.

How to Celebrate National Coloring Book Day?

Coloring is never a bore; bust out the crayons and paint; here are some fabulous ways to make the most of this day.

  • Host a coloring competition with your community, and encourage children to develop their designs and ideas.
  • Take part in any online coloring competitions with your squad, take part or join any coloring competitions.
  • Spend more time coloring with your family, friends, and loved ones; on this day, express your emotions and present it to your loved ones.
  • Burst out your creativity and ideas on the paper. Never use a mobile while you color; it could distract from the coloring process.
  • Paint a picture and post it with #nationalcoloringbookday to spread awareness. 

Interesting Facts About National Coloring Book Day

  • Initially, coloring books were meant for adults. In the latter part, it became widely popular, whereas children’s coloring books were created.
  • Coloring books reduces stress and anxiety and increases focus and problem-solving skills
  • The largest crayon is located at Crayola in Florida, which weighs 1500 pounds! And the most expensive crayon is Caran D’ache, located in Switzerland.
  • In the ancient periods, bread was used as an eraser.

On this national day in August, relive your beautiful childhood, grab your favorite crayons, and start coloring. Coloring is a brilliant way to relax, have fun with your dear ones, and spend quality time relaxing too. Make the most of this day and create awareness on social media.

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