National Columbus Day

National Columbus Day 2023

Last Updated on February 7, 2023


Columbus Day is also popularly known as Indigenous People’s day, and it is celebrated with great enthusiasm in the US. Each year 12th of October is celebrated as Columbus Day. This day got its name from Christopher Columbus. This day is also a controversial day due to the act of Christopher Columbus’s horrific set of incidents. But, eventually, we all have progressed and evolved for good. 


History of Columbus Day 

Here is the brief set of historical events that happened on Columbus Day 

  1. The famous Columbus discovered America in 1492, but officially Columbus Day was celebrated in the year 1792.
  2. Before Columbus, it is said that Leif Erikson landed in America, and he is an Italian born individual who sailed across the Atlantic. 
  3. Erikson made 4 voyages, and the first was in the year 1492.
  4. When Columbus was looking for Asia, he and his crew landed in the Bahamas in the year 1492. He went ahead and further explored North America. 
  5. The first Columbus Day way was observed in the year 1906, and since then, it became an official holiday.
  6. It was the year 1937 when Columbus Day was officially declared as a holiday by the US.
  7. In the year 1792, the 300th anniversary of his voyage was recognized in new cities. 
  8. In the year 1970, the Columbus Day celebration was shifted to the second Monday of October.


How To Observe Columbus Day?

Here are some amazing ways to observe and to celebrate the Columbus Day 

  1. Ge to know the American history 

The best part about the Columbus Day celebration is acknowledging the importance of the historical event in America. It is also best to do a little research and to know more about America, history, and culture.  The history taught at school usually minimal hence do your research. 

  1. Discuss current affair

The most important part of celebrating Columbus Day is to work on the current issues and discuss the solutions. Taking about the current issue and creating awareness can help to chalk out better solutions. 

  1. Go local 

The global market has taken over, but it is high time you should be supporting your local folks. Take the opportunity of Columbus Day to acknowledge native products and manufacturers. Buy an artwork or a handmade decor or any product on Columbus Day. It is an acknowledgment that you value your folks and people.  

  1. Educate the child

It is not always necessary that the next generation will get all sets of the right information about American culture; Columbus Day can be an amazing opportunity to educate the next generation about rich culture and specialty about the country. 


Why Celebrating Columbus Day is Important?


We all should never forget our history and motherland. Columbus Day is the best way to encourage everyone to talk about current affairs, issues and find the right solutions. The day is a reminder about our origin, and it showcases the hardship of the natives who struggled a lot.


When is National Columbus Day?

2020Oct 12
2021Oct 11
2022Oct 10
2023Oct 9


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