National Cream Tea Day

National Cream Tea Day 2023

Last Updated on May 23, 2023

National Cream Tea Day is a day to celebrate the British tradition of enjoying a cream tea. Although cream tea is a famous snack, people love to take a sip and feel refreshed. This tradition includes enjoying tea, scones, and cream together. On this day, in June, people in the United Kingdom enjoy a special cream tea and cherish the unique flavors.

History of National Cream Tea Day

The tradition of cream tea is believed to have started in Devon and Cornwall in the 11th century when monks offered bread, clotted cream, and strawberry preserves to pilgrims traveling to Rome. Over time, this simple snack evolved into the delicious scones, clotted cream, and jam we enjoy today.

Cream tea (a type of tea) was originally a luxury enjoyed only by the wealthy, but over time it became a popular dish enjoyed by people of all classes. As a result, cream tea is a British tradition today, and National Cream Tea Day is a day to cherish and enjoy this lip-smacking treat and honor the history.

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Why celebrate National Cream Tea Day? 

This special day is super special and celebrates the British tradition of cream tea. Today, you can enjoy a delicious snack with your friends, family, or colleagues. This event also promotes local businesses, as many tea rooms and cafes offer special deals and promotions on this day.

How to Celebrate National Cream Tea Day?

There are several ways to celebrate National Cream Tea Day. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Host a cream tea party – You can plan a party with tea and scones together. Make the most of this day by cherishing history dishes and celebrating with like minded people.
  2. Visit a tea room or cafe –Many tea rooms and cafes offer cream teas. On National Cream Tea Day, treat yourself to a delicious cream tea.
  3. Make your own scones – If you like baking, try making your own scones. You can enjoy them with clotted cream and jam and join the celebration.
  4. Hold a charity cream tea event – The best way is to raise money for a charity by holding a cream tea event at your local community center. Everyone who comes will have a great time and help raise money for a good cause.

Fun Facts about National Cream Tea Day

  1. The world record for the largest cream tea party was set in 2012 in Devon, with 600 people attending.
  2. The traditional way to eat cream tea is to split the scone in half, apply clotted cream, and then add strawberry jam.
  3. In Devon, the jam is traditionally spread on the scone before the cream, whereas in Cornwall, the cream is spread first.
  4. In some parts of the UK, cream tea is called Devonshire or Cornish tea.
  5. The famous writer, Agatha Christie, was a fan of cream tea and enjoyed it with her husband at Burgh Island Hotel in Devon.


In conclusion, National Cream Tea Day is a day to celebrate a British tradition- a delicious snack that you can enjoy with friends and family. There are many ways to celebrate this special day, including hosting a party, visiting a tea room, or making your own scones! So make the most of this day, celebrate in your preferred way, and make this memorable by enjoying a Cream Tea!

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