national cup cake day
Celebrated On December 15, 2020

National Cupcake Day 76 days to go

Cupcakes are really yummy. The taste buds start melting as the cupcakes are baked. Cupcakes look lovely with fresh cream on it. The day dedicated to cupcakes falls on December 15th in the USA and some other countries. International cupcake day falls on June 13thand the national chocolate cupcake day falls on October 18th. National or international cupcake day can be said as the unofficial holiday to enjoy the baking and the tasting of the best cupcakes.
Cupcakes are famous all over the world, but it has a special relationship with the United States of America. Americans love cupcakes and have an emotional attachment to it when compared to other people around the world.


History of National cupcake day


The evolution of cupcakes has been well documented, but it is not known that when and how the national cupcake day came into existence. Cupcakes existed since the 17th century but none knows when the day to celebrate the cupcakes originated. Even the history of international cupcake day is not known.


Historical Facts about cupcake


  1. It is said the first recipe of cupcakes was invented in 1796. The light cakes were baked in the small cups and they weren’t decorated.
  2. The recipe was written by Amelia simons in American cookery.
  3.  The cupcakes that are decorated with frostings came into existence in the 1920s.They were frosted either with vanilla or chocolate.
  4. The cupcakes were redesigned in 1947 and they got the look that we have today.
  5. The term cupcake was known in 1828 when Eliza Leslie wrote it in her book called seventy-five receipts for pastry, cakes and sweetmeats.
  6. The paper baking cup became popular in the 1950s.


What to do on the national cupcake day?


The best way to enjoy the national cupcake day is by arranging a cupcake party to enjoy with friends and family. The cupcakes of different flavours can be prepared and enjoyed.

It would be nice to help those in need at ant any time. Cupcakes are loved by all so we could think of baking them and selling it on the national cupcake day. The amount collected from the sales can be used to help the needy. The needy would have a wonderful Christmas.


Why should we celebrate national cupcake day


  1. Cupcakes attract the kids because they look cool when decorated. Let the kids enjoy their favorite cupcakes on the day dedicated for it.
  2. Cupcakes come in various varieties and it makes us feel good. They lighten the mood so it is nice to celebrate a day for the cupcakes.
  3. The cupcakes have evolved over the years and have a wonderful history. It is good to remember those histories on the national cupcake day.

Cupcakes are also called fairy cakes or patty cakes. December 15th is just 10 days before Christmas so all of would be in the joy of welcoming the Christmas. So, the cupcakes will add beauty and we would enjoy the national cupcake day by having wonderful cupcakes.


When is National Cup Cake Day?


2020Dec 15
2021Dec 15
2022Dec 15
2023Dec 15


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