National Daughters Day

National Daughters Day

In the USA, National Daughters Day 2022 is celebrated on September 25, and the day is to celebrate the gift of daughters. There is a popular Irish proverb, “son will be a son till he gets a wife, but a daughter will be a daughter for her whole life.” Every mom and dad will have a good relationship with their kids, but they will have a special relationship with their daughter. In some developed countries, people love to have a baby girl, and they loved to raise a girl. Simultaneously, in some countries, there is a stigma that having a boy child is better than having a girl child. Even some people will kill their girl child when they are born. This was the initial reason to celebrate national daughters day.


History of the National Daughters Day


The idea for national daughters day might have blossomed in India. In India, there has always been a certain stigma that has attached to being a girl child. This may no longer be the case in the big and developed cities, but still, it is widespread in India. A woman will be penalized when she gives birth to a girl child, and also some other developing countries often see a girl child as a burden. Also, in the United States, some stigma exists; society viewed women as inferior to men from the very beginning. But now, the world has been changed, and the stigma has changed. There is no authentic date in the history of the national daughters’ day, but the day was created to celebrate a girl child, their importance, and the bonding of a daughter with her parents.


Activities to Do On the National Daughters Day 2021


  • Read about admired daughters.

national daughters day is the best time to read beloved stories about admired stories like little women, Anne Frank’s diary, etc. These amazing stories will give you a chance to read the dreams and thoughts of a daughter.

  • Let her take the lead.

The national daughters day is all about how great the daughters are, and on this day, let them do whatever they desire. Bicycling in the park, spa day, whatever they desire, just let them do it. If your daughter wants to hang with her crew and wants to have a pajama party, let her be. It is her day, so let them do it all.


Why Everyone Loves the National Daughters Day?


  • Daughters are versatile

Your daughter can do more than you think and know. A daughter will keep the family functioning in a single parent house when mom or dad is at work. Daughters are great; they will cook, clean, and help siblings with their homework. 

  • Mother and daughter love is great.

A myth goes along with the people: mothers and daughters do not get along; mothers and daughters are naturally competitive; mothers and daughters will argue because they are too much alike. But in fact, mothers and daughters will always have a special bonding, and the love of a mother towards her daughter will be much special.


When is National Daughters Day?

2020Sep 25
2021Sep 25
2022Sep 25
2023Sep 25


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