National Days in April

National Days in April 2024

April 2024 is an exciting month with a variety of events and observances taking place around the world. The month begins with April Fool’s Day on the first, a day dedicated to pranks and jokes, followed by Easter Sunday, a Christian holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ, on April 9th. In addition to these events, there are also several other cultural and historical observances in April.  Below are the few notable National Days in April 2024 that are Peer-reviewed by experts.

National days in April by Date:

1National Burrito DayApril 1st
2National DIY DayApril 2nd
3National Sourdough Bread Day April 1st
4National Ferret DayApril 2nd
5National Peanut Butter and Jelly DayApril 2nd
6National Chocolate Mousse DayApril 3rd
7National Find A Rainbow DayApril 3rd
8National Vitamin C DayApril 4th
9National Milk DayApril 5th
10National Deep Dish Pizza DayApril 5th
11National Caramel DayApril 5th
12National Tartan DayApril 6th
13National Caramel Popcorn DayApril 6th
14National Burrito DayApril 6th
15National Beer DayApril 7th
16National No Housework DayApril 7th
17National Empanada DayApril 8th
18National Zoo Lovers DayApril 8th
19National Pygmy Hippo DayApril 8th
20National Unicorn DayApril 9th
21National Name Yourself DayApril 9th
22National Hug Your Dog dayApril 10th
23National Siblings DayApril 10th
24National Pet DayApril 11th
25National Submarine DayApril 11th
26National BarberShop Quartet DayApril 11th
27International Day Of PinkApril 12th
28National Licorice DayApr 12th
29National Grilled Cheese Sandwich DayApr 12th
30National Scrabble DayApr 13th
31National Make Lunch Count DayApr 13th
32National Look Up at the Sky DayApr 14th
33National Dolphin DayApr 14th
34Husband Appreciation DayApr 15th
35National Anime DayApr 15th
36National That Sucks! DayApr 15th
37National Eggs Benedict DayApr 16th
38National Wear Your Pajamas to Work DayApr 16th
39National Orchid DayApr 16th
40Blah Blah Blah DayApr 17th
41International Bat Appreciation DayApr 17th
42National High Five DayApr 18th
43National Animal Crackers DayApr 18th
44National Piñata DayApr 18th
45National Banana DayApr 19th
46National Amaretto DayApr 19th
47National Garlic DayApr 19th
48National High Five DayApr 20th
49National Kindergarten DayApr 21th
50National Tea DayApr 21th
51National Bulldogs Are Beautiful Day
Apr 21th
52National Jelly Bean DayApr 22nd
53National Beagle dayApr 22nd
54National Picnic DayApr 23rd
55National Talk Like Shakespeare DayApr 23rd
56National Asparagus DayApr 23rd
57National Lost Dog Awareness DayApr 23rd
58National Pig in a Blanket DayApr 24th
59National Financial Awareness DayApr 25th
60National Zucchini Bread DayApr 25th
61National DNA DayApr 25th
62National Pretzel DayApr 26th
63World Burlesque DayApr 26th
64National Help A Horse DayApr 26th
65National Teach Your Children to Save DayApr 27th
66National Tell A Story DayApr 27th
67Love Your Thighs DayApr 27th
68National Superhero DayApr 28th
69National Hairball Awareness DayApr 28th
70International Dance DayApr 29th
71National Sense Of Smell DayApr 29th
72National Go Birding DayApr 29th
73National Honesty DayApr 30th
74National Oatmeal Cookie DayApr 30th
75International Jazz DayApr 30th

Overall, April 2024 is a month of diverse celebrations, commemorations, and observances. The above-mentioned content is well researched from various sources by our writers. Whether you’re interested in the arts, the environment, or the contributions of important organizations, there is something for everyone to enjoy as a National Day in April 2024.

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