National Days in august

National Days in August 2023

National days are a great way to celebrate and learn about different cultures and countries. In August 2023, there are a few national days that will be especially exciting to celebrate! Check out the list below to see what’s coming up next month.

1National Girlfriends DayAugust 1st
2National Watermelon DayAugust 3rd
3National Underwear DayAugust 5th
4National Root Beer Float DayAugust 6th
5National Mustard DayAugust 7th
6National Book Lovers DayAugust 9th
7International left-handers DayAugust 13th
8National Rum DayAugust 16th
9National Tell a Joke DayAugust 16th
10National Aviation DayAugust 19th
11National Dog DayAugust 26th
12 National Red Wine DayAugust 28th

Let’s come together and celebrate our country’s National Days

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