National Days in January 2024

National days in January 2024 for which the world gathers to celebrate are as below,

1National Spaghetti DayJan 4th
2National Bird DayJan 5th
3National Milk DayJan 11th
4National Pharmacist DayJan 12th
5National Youth DayJan 12th
6Kiss a Ginger DayJan 12th
7National Bagel DayJan 15th
8National Hat DayJan 15th
9Martin Luthur King Jr. DayJan 17th
10Winnie The Pooh DayJan 18th
11National Popcorn DayJan 19th
12National Penguin DayJan 20th
13Squirrel Appreciation DayJan 21st
14National Hugging DayJan 21st
15National Pie DayJan 23rd
16National Compliment DayJan 24th
17National Opposite DayJan 25th
18National Spouse DayJan 26th
19National Chocolate Cake DayJan 27th
20National Puzzle DayJan 29th
21National Croissant DayJan 30th

January, the month that was named after the Roman God Janus, who is the God of Gateways/ God of beginnings and endings. January is the gateway to New year, and everyone looks forward to the new beginnings, new chances, new lifestyles, and new adventures. Hence January is welcomed with great delight and mirth. The tradition of setting a new year’s resolution is also very popular this month. 

The fascinating thing about this month is that it has many weird yet interesting days which adds extra specialty to this month.  The first specialty is that January 1 is the first day of the first month in the new year. In January many great personalities are remembered and respected, they are Benjamin Franklin, Martin Luther King Jr., Amelia Earhart.

 January is also known for many special observances; some of which are as follows:  

i) International Creativity Month
ii) “It’s okay to be different” Month
iii) National Blood donor Month
iv) National Book Month
v) National Hobby Month
vi) National Thyroid Awareness Month
vii) National Birth Defects Prevention Month, etc.

Apart from these days we also have National chocolate covered cherry day, national bubble bath day, national cheese lover day, National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day,

with these national days in January 2024, this month becomes an extra special month. When people celebrate these days, it adds more meaning to each day and it will also be a day to remember and cherish.

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Make a difference and celebrate National Days 2024 by volunteering in your community

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