National Days in May

National Days in May 2024

May National Days 2024: May 2024 is an exciting month with a variety of events and observances taking place around the USA. The first of May is International Workers’ Day, also known as May Day, which celebrates workers’ contributions and labor movements globally. May is also National Military Appreciation Month in the United States, a time to honor and recognize the sacrifices made by military members and their families.

About May National Days and Holidays

Below are a few notable days that will be observed as a National day in May 2024,

1May 1stInternational Workers’ Day (May Day)
2May 1stNational Mother Goose Day
3May 1stNational Purebred Dog Day
4May 2ndNational Brothers and Sisters Day
5May 2ndNational Teacher Day
6May 2ndNational School Nurse Day
7May 3rdNational Paranormal Day
8May 3rdNational Garden Meditation Day
9May 3rdNational Two Different Colored Shoes Day
10May 4thWorld Password day
11May 4thNational Candied Orange Peel Day
12May 5thNational Hoagie Day
13May 5thNational No Pants Day
14May 5thNational Cartoonists Day
15May 5thNational Space Day 2023
16May 6thNational Nurses Day
17May 6thInternational No Diet Day
18May 6thNational Beverage Day
19May 6thWorld Naked Gardening Day
20May 6thNo Homework Day
21May 7thNational Lemonade Day
22May 7thNational Cosmopolitan Day
23May 7thNational Roast Leg Of Lamb Day
24May 8th National Have a Coke day
25May 8thWorld Migratory Bird Day
26May 9thNational Moscato Day
27May 9thNational Sleepover Day
28May 9thNational Lost Sock Memorial Day
29May 10thNational Clean Up Your Room Day
30May 10thNational Shrimp Day
31May 10thNational Receptionists Day
32May 11thNational Eat What You Want Day
33May 12thNational Nutty Fudge Day
34May 12thNational Public Gardens Day
35May 12thNational Limerick Day
36May 13thNational Apple Pie Day
37May 13thNational Train Day
38May 13thNational Frog Jumping Day
39May 13thNational Windmill Day
40May 13thInternational Hummus Day
41May 14thNational Buttermilk Biscuit Day
42May 14thNational Dance Like a Chicken Day
43May 15thNational Chocolate Chip Day
44May 15thNational Straw Hat Day
45May 15thBring Flowers To Someone Day
46May 16thNational Waiters Day
47May 16thNational Barbecue Day
48May 16thNational Sea Monkey Day
49May 17thNational Numeracy Day
50May 17thNational Numeracy Day
51May 17thNational Pinot Grigio Day
52May 18thNational Notebook Day
53May 18thNational Visit Your Relatives Day
54May 18thNational No Dirty Dishes Day
55May 19thNational Bike to Work Day
56May 19thNational Endangered Species Day
57May 19thNational Pizza Party Day
58May 20thNational Learn To Swim Day
59May 20thNational Pick Strawberries Day
60May 21stNational Memo Day
61May 22ndNational Maritime Day
62May 23rdNational Library Workers Day
63May 23rdNational Lucky Penny Day
64May 24thNational Escargot Day
65May 25thNational Wine Day
66May 25thNational Tap Dance Day
67May 25thNational Wine Day
68May 26thNational Paper Airplane Day
69May 26thNational Blueberry Cheesecake Day
70May 27thNational Sunscreen Day
71May 28thNational Brisket Day
72May 28thNational Hamburger Day
73May 29thNational Biscuit Day
74May 29thNational Paperclip Day
75May 30thNational Water a Flower Day
76May 30thNational Mint Julep Day
77May 31stNational Flip Flop Day
78May 31stNational Macaroon Day

Monthly May National Holidays 2024

There are several monthly celebrations in May in the USA, including:

  • Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month
  • Jewish American Heritage Month
  • National Military Appreciation Month
  • Mental Health Awareness Month
  • National Physical Fitness and Sports Month
  • National Barbecue Month
  • National Bike Month 

Overall, National days in May 2024 is full of diverse celebrations, commemorations, and observances. Whether you’re interested in workers’ rights, military appreciation, mental health, physical fitness, or simply enjoying the great outdoors, there is a may national days.

Take a moment to reflect and appreciate the beauty of each national day in 2024

National Days on Upcoming Months

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