National Drink Beer Day

National Drink Beer Day


Every year September 28 is observed as the national drink beer day. This day reminds us to enjoy the world’s most popular beverage (adult beverage). On this national drink beer day, gather with your loved one, and raise a glass of your favorite beer. There are endless options available for you to grab in beer, more than hundreds of traditional and new varieties available. Celebrating this day will be filled with fun, and it will give a colorful memory. Beer is always a bliss, and every beer is unique and great in its own way. We can say that every beer will make us happy. 

History of the National Drink Beer Day

The beer history takes us 10,000 years back, Mesopotamians have actually been the first to develop beer. But only during the middle ages, beer gained its popularity in Europe. During that period, people consider beer as the safest alternative for polluted and contaminated water. That’s how most people started to drink beer, and then everyone was admired by the taste of beer, and it started to become popular. Nowadays, there are plenty of varieties available in beer, like you can get a light beer with great flavor and fewer calories, as well as dark beer. There is no authentic date in the national drink beer day’s history, but the day was created to enjoy and celebrate the taste of beer. So on this national drink beer day, drink responsibly and enjoy the day.


Activities to do on the National Drink Beer Day

  • Head towards a right brewery

If you want to try a new, different, and the best beer, you should probably visit the perfect brewery nearby. Call your friends and visit the breweries nearby you, taste the best, and rate the brewery, which may help you in the future.

  • Brew your own beer

If you ever thought of becoming a brewery master, then this national drink beer day will be the perfect occasion. You can find the beer making kits in local specialty stores or online. And brewing beer is not as difficult as you think. All you need to do is waiting for the perfect time. Get your beer making kit, find the best recipe online, and start brewing.


Why Everyone Loves the National Drink Beer Day?

  • Beer is equal to a good time.

If you want to relax when you get work from home, you can try a chill beer and also you can have brewski with your dinner. And remember, it is always great to have a beer with friends. Hanging out at a local bar, parties, and festivals with your friends will always be amazing. 

  • Beer is confidence

Like other forms of alcoholic beverages, beer is also a beverage that will you fun and confident. Beer gives a little boost to your level of self-confidence. With just a single beer, you can feel more comfortable in crowds, and it will be easier to navigate in social settings. Just make sure that you are not getting higher; beer is cool as long as you are responsible.


When is National Drink Beer Day?

2020Sep 28
2021Sep 28
2022Sep 28
2023Sep 28


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