National Father-in-Law Day

National Father-in-Law Day 2023

Last Updated on May 26, 2023

For every married individual, it is undeniable that their fathers-in-law provide us with a fresh perspective on life. Whether we are new to their families or have known them for a long time, the awesome human will always hold a special place in our hearts. They are our families’ patriarchs and huge pillars of support. Fathers-in-law always head the family tree and work hard to unite the family.   

When is National Father-in-Law Day?

Every year on July 30, National Father-in-Law Day is observed by all married folks with great enthusiasm. National Father-in-Law Day honors your father-in-law, your spouse’s father. It is a very special day to express your feelings for your father-in-law and show how much you respect him. A father-in-law is a respectable person with legal empathy for another person because he is the father of the other person’s spouse.

History of National Father-in-Law Day

While the founder of this day is unknown, some theories have been proposed as to how it came to be. The first one credits European monarchs with starting the tradition of being referred to as the Fathers-in-Law of Europe when their children married foreign princes and princesses. A second viewpoint holds that a card company initiated the day to increase sales, while according to the third viewpoint, the father-in-law became envious of the mother-in-law’s day and initiated the day in response to his jealousy.

Why Celebrate National Father-in-Law Day?

  •  Honor the elders – Your father-in-law is someone to be cherished because he has been through life’s ups and downs and has given birth to your beautiful spouse. Respect the time you spend together, even with occasional disagreements and issues. After all, every relationship has its difficulties, which can be easily overcome with love and respect. On this day, honor your father-in-law and show how much respect you give them.
  • Show your care – The person you love and care about the most is your spouse, and he was raised by someone who loved and cared for them unconditionally. Celebrate your father-in-law and everything he did for your spouse. On this day, make your father-in-law feel special and show your care.

How to Celebrate National Father-in-Law Day

It only takes the intention to get to know someone better. To make the most of this day, you should take out time and celebrate the national Father-in-Law Day. On this day, you can consider activities like fishing, coffee, a sport to watch or play, or simply walking with your father-in-law.  All this will allow you to strengthen your relationship with your father-in-law. If your father-in-law isn’t instantly accessible, spend some time on the phone catching up, experiencing life with them, and making beautiful memories.  Celebrate this day, as it will help in developing genuine relationships.

Interesting Facts About National Father-in-Law Day

Here are some fun and interesting facts about National Father-in-Law Day

  • Christian IX of Denmark and Nicholas I of Montenegro were dubbed the “Father-in-laws of Europe” in the early twentieth century because their children married the wealthiest heirs.
  • Michael Jackson’s famous father-in-law was Elvis Presley, an American singer known as the “King of Rock and Roll” and regarded as a pop pioneer. Lisa Elvis Presley, his daughter, married Ghost Rider actor Nicholas Cage. Both marriages were annulled.
  • Through her marriage to Kirk Douglas’ son Michael, Catherine Zeta-Jones has a father-in-law in the famous actor Kirk Douglas.

On National Father-in-Law Day, create fabulous memories with your spouse’s dad and show how much you respect and care for him. Make him feel special on this most important national day in July and cherish the beautiful bond.

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