National Freedom Day
Celebrated On February 1, 2021

National Freedom Day 108 days to go

National freedom day is celebrated in the United States of America. The celebrations of the freedom day mean a lot to Americans. The celebration is done in a grand manner with the display of fireworks in some states. The national freedom day is celebrated in the United States of America on February 1st every year.

The national freedom day is significant because slavery was outlawed. It is the day when all the American citizens must be thankful for the freedom they got. The day is significant because the celebration is done since slavery was abolished letting all the Americans live with a good feeling and in a state of harmony.


History of national freedom day

The reason for the celebration of the national freedom day is a person called Major Richard Robert Wright. He was a slave once. As he came of slaver he became a successful businessman and community leader in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He chose to celebrate the day on February 1st as President Lincon signed the 13th amendment of the constitution on February 1st 1865.


Historical facts on national freedom day

  1. The 13th amendment of the American constitution outlawed slavery and that led to the celebration of this day as all the citizens have got equal opportunity.
  2. The day is very significant in the history of America, but it is not a public holiday.
  3. The bill was passed in the year 1947 and the national freedom day is celebrated from that. The bill was passed a year after Mr Wright’s death.
  4. The tradition of wreath-laying at the Liberty bell is done to mark the national freedom day.


What should we do on national freedom day?

The future generation and the present generation should know the significance of the day. Schools must organize events to impart the significance of the day. The family members hold the responsibility to talk about the significance of the national freedom day. The elders of the family should talk about the historical event and the victory from slavery to the kids in the family.

It will be a nice idea to give cards or pamphlets to kids in the locality denoting the efforts that were taken by the forefathers to celebrate this day.


Why should we celebrate national freedom day?

  1. It was a long struggle to attain freedom from slavery. The efforts of the forefathers to bring the state of equality in the nation must be remembered.
  2. The day should be celebrated to follow and know the importance of the traditions associated with it.
  3. The national freedom day preserves the harmony of the country and the day must be celebrated.
  4. The day was created with a purpose by Mr wright. It should be celebrated will respect it deserves.

Freedom is what all humans need. The world would be at peace when none is a slave. Let the freedom day remind the hardships undergone by forefathers to abolish the concept of slavery. Let people celebrate freedom and live in harmony.


When is National Freedom Day Day?

2020Feb 1
2021Feb 1
2022Feb 1
2023Feb 1


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