National Grouch Day

National Grouch Day 2023

Last Updated on February 26, 2023

On every 15, October National Grouch day is celebrated to honor the Oscar the grouch cartoon character in sesame street. This day is for the grouchiest people around the world or to know the grouchy character in us. If you are a grouch, then this is a special day for you. 

   History of National Grouch Day

  • This day is celebrated to honor the Oscar the grouch(green colored) cartoon character from Sesame street in 1976. Oscar, the grouch, is the grouchiest and the most liked character by the audience!
  • A Grouch regularly in life is to be as miserable, grouch, angry as possible.
  • Sesame Street is an American television show. The show had a long-time success because adults and children liked the show!
  • The first episode was telecasted in 1969. 
  • Oscar the grouch, the character which is furry green in color, lives in a trash can on sesame street. He loves to live in the trash and sings the song ‘I love trash.’
  • According to Merriam webster’s dictionary, a grouchy person is known as:
  1. A person who most frequently gets irritated and constantly complains.
  2. A frequently complaining person and always has a grumpy face.
  • Grouchy are also happy when they see other people are not happy or grouchy.

How to Celebrate National Grouch Day

  • If you a grouchy person, then try to overcome it because staying grouchy can permanently keep us unhappy.
  • Keep a funny grouchy competition with your neighbors. The game is keeping a grouchy face for a long time the one who stays till the last wins the game, you can disturb when they play!
  • Throw a surprise party for the grouchiest person in your family, friends, or anyone. At least on this day, let them have a smile on their face!
  • Take a picture with a grouchy face with a caption #nationalgrouchyday
  • If you aren’t able to keep a grouchy face, then go to your nearby store to get a grouchy mask, wear it, and have fun!
  • Try to make people smile because a grouchy face takes out the beauty from them.
  • The grouchy face is mostly found on a cat’s face, and cats naturally have a grouchy face.
  • Send a grouchy invitation card to your friend, and it doesn’t matter whether they are grouchy or not, get a seat on your couch, get some popcorns and grab a drink, then watch the movie ‘Grumpy old men’ enjoy your day.

Why it is important to celebrate National Grouch Day

  • It is important to celebrate National grouch day because being happy has no fun; complaining at times brings flavors to the day. It is always funny people when they put up funny memes on the national grouchy day, which puts up a smile on our faces.
  • This day honors Oscar, the grouch, which is the most liked character by the audience.
  • On this day, we also come to the types of people around us. We can learn the psychologically learn people.
  • ‘Never do anything when you are in a temper, for you will do everything wrong.’

When is National Grouch Day 2023?

2020Oct 15
2021Oct 15
2022Oct 15
2023Oct 15

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