National Hair Day
Celebrated On October 1, 2020

National Hair Day 11 days to go


Every year October 1, National hair day is celebrated. It is very important to celebrate national hair day. Hair is one of the major parts of our body. It protects our head and it also beautifies us. This day is created to observe hair styling instruments and other hair products.

History of National Hair Day 

  • National hair day was first celebrated on October 1, 2017. National hair day was introduced by the hair products company called Nume. The reason to celebrate National hair day is to spread awareness on the uses of the hair styling products and tools we use.
  •  From the ancient period till now people are very particular on with their beauty, especially on their hair.
  •  Cleopatra a woman of surpassing beauty she washed her hair with donkeys milk. 
  • National hair day was founded by Carolyn Aronson she is the founder and CEO of ‘It’s a 10 haircare’. For women, these days hair is the high maintenance because your hair makes an assertion on what you are. 
  • The ways how ancient people maintained their hair are 
  • The queens used milk powder, egg white, and lemon juice in Madeira. This helped them to remove the dead cells 
  • The  Egyptians were known for their cleanliness and hygiene they used olive oil to make soap paste.


How to observe National Hair Day 

  • On this go to a salon and give your hair a new style. The range over a number of hair products to keep your hair to the healthiest.
  • Get a good haircut that suits you and makes you beautiful and post up a picture with #National hair day, #good hair day, #hairday.
  • National hair day is mostly celebrated in the western parts of the countries like the USA, Canada. 
  • On this day the salons give many discounts and the hairstyling tools are sold on clearance.
  • Share your hairstyling secrets and get an appointment with the salon or spa and give your hair a treat.
  • We all love princess Rapunzel we admire her long, strong beautiful hair. The dreams for most of the teens are to have the same texture as Rapunzel had.
  • A Japanese girl Keito has the record of holding the longest hair that is 155.5 centimeters. She has never cut her hair entire life!
  • There is a bitter truth to know that a person can shed hair between 40-150 tresses of hair.
  •  Get your hair colored and experience different types of hairstyles.


Why it is important to celebrate National Hair Day 

  • A day where we can specialize our hair and beautify it. The truth is that even if our clothes do not fit, it’s always great to know our hair makes us look perfect.
  •  Our hair should be celebrated every day but National hair day is a special day to give our hair more love and care.
  • It’s always happy to know that your hair looks great! Seeking for a new cut then make a way to a salon.
  • Invent in your hair it’s the crown you can never take off

When is National Hair Day?

2020Oct 1
2021Oct 1
2022Oct 1
2023Oct 1


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