National High Five Day

National High Five Day 2023

Across culture, the way a community celebrates victory varies from place to place. Some choose to celebrate it with a handshake. Some people celebrate victory with a warm hug. Some dance and party! For some, victory is celebrated by opening a bottle of pricey champagne. But the most fun and coolest way to celebrate the people’s victory would be through the high five. Nothing beats the sense of satisfaction that one gets from a high five. It is quick and easy; even a one-year-old can do a high five. Each year this day is celebrated on the third Thursday in April. So in 2021, it is on 18th April, usually the third Thursday of April. Do you need to know all about this day? Then look no further! This article is specially created to let you know all about National High Five day.


The history behind National High Five Day

One would not easily believe the origin of the high five and low five. This day first started in the year 2002 at the University of Virginia. College students gave out high fives as hand gestures the whole day. Since then, it gained momentum and has now become a popular holiday in the United States of America. It gradually attained the status of a national holiday by all the students at the university. Since then, national high five day has been celebrated every year and at times to support a specific cause.


Facts about High Fives and History behind the day

A few interesting facts from history about high fives are:

  • The high five is based on the low five, which was created sometime during the 1970s.
  • But the first known high five was given in 1977 at a baseball game when Glenn Burke hit a home run and high-fived Dusty Baker. So we can say Glenn Burke and Dusty Baker were people behind this day.
  • The next recorded high five was in 1978 during basketball team practice when Wiley Brown and Derek Smith high-fived each other, and soon the whole team began throwing high fives at each other.


How to celebrate National High Five day?

One can celebrate National High Five day by starting the day high five-ing family members and then high-fiving everyone else that they see on that day. Some people throw high fives around for charity, home run to raise money for s specific cause such as cancer or poverty. Click pictures of yourself high-fiving friends and family or shoot funny videos. Then share it across social media with the hashtag: #NH5D or #national_high_five_day. Another amazing way to celebrate national high five day could be to visit children’s homes and hospitals and high five children while dressed up in a costume.


Why celebrate National High Five day?

National High Five day is not just about celebrating a victory, but it also has many other implications. It celebrates humanity as a person recognizes another person as of equal value. It celebrates success, trust, and confidence in each other. National High Five day is more than just a national holiday. National High Five day celebrates teamwork and cares for one another. It is quite surprising that a high five could hold so many deep meanings and symbolisms. So never estimate the power of a high five! We wish you a Happy National High Five day!


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