National Hug A Drummer Day

National Hug A Drummer Day 2023

Last Updated on February 26, 2023

Drums play a major role in music; they are instruments that give life to the song! Every year on October 10, a National hug, a drummer day, is celebrated. This day is celebrated to show love to the most talented, hardworking, tireless drummers.

History of National Hug A Drummer Day 

  • The great drummer Chick Webb formed a band in Harlem he found this day.
  • The first drums were made in 6000BC! The small cylindrical drums were first made in 3000BC. The American-Indians used gourds and wooden drums for their religious activities.
  • The drums were first found in ancient China and turkey. It is also said that drums were used in Isreal and Egypt.
  • Noble and Cooley’s is the oldest drum company that manufactures wooden drums, which is located in America. Drums is one of the hardest instrument to play.
  • Drums were also used as a communication device on the battlefields.
  • In 1909, William Ludwig innovated the first drumset. He also invented the first bass drum pedal.
  • In the beginning, drums were first made up of a hollow tree trunk, and the ends were covered with fish skin. Later, cattle skins were replaced. Then the double-headed drums were made with woods as the base.
  • The sound of a drum is known as a percussive sound.
  • The first drumming bandleader was drummer Chick Webb formed a band in Harlem. He was the first bandleader who played drums. Kunto Hartono from Indonesia has set a world record; he drummed for more than 122 hours!
  • John Bonham is the best drummer of all time! He is known for his powerful and fast drumming skills. He was the drummer for the band Led Zeppelin.

How to celebrate National Hug A Drummer Day 

  • Playing drums is not is an easy instrument so appreciate the drummers near your surrounding. There are many great drummers around the world, like Buddy Rich and John Bonham, and many others. 
  • There are many other drummers who are behind the screen, which are not recognized, but they have a lot of talent, so, on this day, take time to appreciate them for their work.
  • Help the local bands or school bands, and they may lack any instruments, so contribute to them.
  • If you are interested in doing exercises, then buy a drum set because drumming is great cardio and can burn more calories than swimming an hour!
  • Throw a surprise party to a favorite drummer, you know, show love to them and make them feel happy.

Why it is important to celebrate National Hug A Drummer Day 

  • Most people underrate drummers; people think playing drums is an easy instrument. So, people have a thought that drummers aren’t hardworking or unmusical. 
  • There are many concerts on this special day, so book a ticket for your favorite show with your loved ones, family, friends.
  • Drummers deserve this day! Show love to the local band lovers and to the school bands. Drummers play a significant role in music.

When is National Hug A Drummer Day 2023?

2020Oct 10
2021Oct 10
2022Oct 10
2023Oct 10

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