National Ice Cream Cone Day

National Ice Cream Cone Day 2023

Last Updated on February 6, 2023

The national ice cream cone day is annually observed on the 22nd of September, the summer’s official end. From the philosophers to the common man, everyone was confused about how a person can hold and eat ice cream without making a mess?. And this day was the answer to their much-awaited question. Before the ice cream cone’s birth, there was not any good solution to eat ice cream without dripping down on arms and chin. Especially an ice cream will ruin a person’s cloth (by dripping down) when they are eating it. Now the cone stopped all the mess with ice cream, and it added extra taste to the ice cream. We all have to thank this simple yet amazing cone. Now we can have ice cream without messing, and the invention of the cone brought many ice cream varieties. Celebrate this national ice cream cone day by tasting various flavors of ice cream in different styles of cone.

History of the National Ice Cream Cone Day

In the year of 1902, an England ice cream merchant, Antonio Valvona, patented a biscuit cup to hold ice cream. But the Valvona’s patent predates one by Italo Marchiony for about a year. Marchioni did the official birth of the ice cream cone. Marchioni was an ice-cream seller in New York City, and he has immigrated from Italy. He applied for a patent for his cone on September 22, 1903. And now that day became the national ice cream cone day. Marchioni claimed that he has been making cones to hold ice cream since 1896. This is how the amazing cone was born, and today we have a lot of varieties in ice cream cones. There is no authentic date in the history of the national ice cream cone, but the day was created to celebrate the cone’s work and enjoy its taste.


Activities to do on the National Ice cream Cone Day


  • Make your own cone

Making ice cream cones may seem difficult, but it is easy to make. You do not even need a waffle press to make a delicious cone for your ice cream. Find the easiest recipe and start making your cone.

  • Eat ice creams

Go to the local store where you can get amazing ice creams. Do not limit your choices; taste as much as you can; also, you will taste crispy and delicious cones. And see where this ice cream adventure will take you?. Also, this is easier than making your cone. 


Why Everyone Loves the National Ice Cream Cone Day?


  • Cones add taste

Ice cream cone is not only just holding the ice cream; it adds extra taste and flavor to your ice cream. And it allows you to get the taste of dessert by tasting ice cream in a particular flavor of a cone. 

  • Ice cream cone rule over a cup

Cone or cup? is the classical question among ice cream lovers. And most ice cream lovers prefer to have ice cream in the cones. Apart from the taste, the cone has some other good things like they are eco-friendly, and it replaces the purpose of plastic spoons and cups. Even if you are using a silver spoon and cups instead of plastic, you will need water to clean it, and it may not be hygienic in some conditions, but there are no problems like this when using cones for ice cream.


When is National Ice Cream Cone Day?

2020Sep 22
2021Sep 22
2022Sep 22
2023Sep 22


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