national ice cream day

National Ice Cream Day

You scream I scream, and we all scream for ice cream. How about an amazing day dedicated especially to celebrate these melting beauties?? The 3rd Sunday of July is celebrated as national ice cream day, i.e., in 2021. It is celebrated on the 18th of July. Ice cream on a cone or dish can cool you down and elevate your mood; it is simply refreshing.

Each year people in America consume more than 23 gallons of ice cream on average, and the number is high during summers. Ice creams especially are the coolest and yummiest treat that can be enjoyed at any time of the day.


History of National Ice Cream Day

As per history, it is believed that the ice cream came into the picture when people in the Persian Empire put snow in a small bowl and poured generous amounts of thick grape juice over it. This dish was enjoyed as a treat during winters. During summers, the snow was placed in underground chambers where the temperature was kept low.


Historical Facts About National Ice Cream Day

  1. President Ronald Reagan in the year 1984 declared the 15th of July as National Ice Cream Day.
  2. To continue this tradition, the month of July was announced as National Ice Cream Month as well.
  3. Traditionally the ice cream was made by making a mix of milk cream, sugar, and flavoring by Chinese. The ice creams were eaten as a mid-meal snack and dessert,
  4. In the olden days, refrigerators were not commonly found in the kitchen; hence ice cream was meant only for royals. It was served during special locations.
  5. Earlier Romans prepared their version of ice cream by mixing snow with fruits and honey. The varieties were very less as compared to now.
  6. In 1920 Harry Burt got the first ice cream trucks on the streets of America Leaders like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson enjoyed yummy ice cream. The First Lady Dolley Madison served ice creams during the Inaugural Ball.


What To Do On National Ice Cream Day?

Like seriously?? You want me even to answer this!! Take this golden opportunity to gulp down your favorite ice cream without worrying about calories. Visit your favorite ice cream parlor and order the best treat. The best way is to have ice cream for all the 3 meals, and it is nutritious and yummy at the same time.


Why You Must Celebrate National Ice Cream Day

  1. It is the best day to indulge in some frozen treats with your family and friends.
  2. There are millions of ice cream varieties to explore; National Ice Cream day is the perfect time of the year.
  3. Ice creams are made with milk, cream, fruits, and concentrated juices; hence it is super healthy.
  4. Apart from different varieties, explore different ice cream toppings.
  5. Show your culinary skills and creativity by preparing your version of homemade ice cream.

Enjoy this National Ice Cream Day with your family, friends, and colleagues by sharing a chilled bowl of ice cream. Make sure you post a tempting picture on social media using the hashtag #NationalIceCreamDay.


When is National Ice Cream Day?

2020July 19
2021July 18
2022July 17
2023July 15


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