National Kissing Day

National Kissing Day 2023

Last Updated on March 8, 2023

A kiss is an expression of love. A kiss isn’t confined as a symbol of love between marital partners. The amazing and most lovable kisses are exchanged between a mother and a child. The flying kiss that the child sends to the mom before stepping onto the school bus or when getting dropped in school by a parent is a wonderful phenomenon to watch. Hugs and kisses are a part of every lovable relationship. The expression of love through kisses multiples the phenomenon of love to infinite times in any relationship. A kiss makes romantic relationships wonderful. The peck on the cheek a friend gives increases the love and trust in the friendship.

History of National Kissing Day

History of National Kissing Day

The national kissing day is celebrated on June 22. It is more popular in the United States of America and a few other countries worldwide. Apart from the national kissing day, international kissing day is celebrated on July 6th worldwide. The origin of the national or international kissing day isn’t known. The tradition is believed to have started in the United Kingdom and spread worldwide. It is believed that the practice has been adopted since the early 2000s.

History of Kissing

Kissing has a history right from the evolution of the earth and the living species. Historians say that the act of kissing is similar to how mammals feed their young ones. The historical reference of kissing is available in ancient Indian texts dating back to 1500 BC. The texts described kissing as the act of rubbing and pressing the nose together. The mention could be seen in four major Vedic texts in Sanskrit.

History shows that the act of kissing isn’t always confined to intimacy between partners, but it is an expression of true and pure love.

How to celebrate National Kissing Day?

The best way to celebrate national kissing day is to make an amazing card for the loved one. The amazing card must be given to the loved one with a sweet kiss. The romantic partners can set themselves into romantic moods and exchange sweet kisses.

A kiss is an expression of love, and so a lovely dinner. So, the day can be celebrated at a restaurant with a beautiful ambiance. It would be really amazing to cook an amazing dinner or a dessert and serve it with a kiss to the loved ones.

Why should National Kissing Day be celebrated?

Kiss is an instinct in all living beings. It is an expression of love and a way to share the true emotions of love. Let the day be celebrated to be reminded about the benefits of kissing. Let the kisses be exchanged between the loved one, be it a peck on the cheek or forehead or a French kiss.

National kissing day is not commercialized as valentine’s day, because it is a pure love act. Kisses have benefits on the body and mind when done with pure love. 

When is National Kissing Day?

2020June 22
2021June 22
2022June 22
2023June 22

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