National Lighthouse Day

National Lighthouse Day 2023

Last Updated on June 4, 2023

Lighthouses are built on the shore to caution sailors if they are in search of land. There is a day to honor the creation of the lighthouse and how it has been a savior for all the people who work nearby seas and oceans.

When is National Lighthouse Day?

The United States of America is one of the greatest bolsters of National lighthouse day. Declared on August 7, 1991, George Washington officially recognized National Day. The US Congress passed a security act in federal support. Another related declaration was succeeded in 2013 by a senate resolution.

History of National Lighthouse Day

Before 1991, the first commemoration for lighthouse day was in the 18th century, as the lighthouse symbolizes hope and security. The ancient story for the celebration is that a French inventor Augustin Fresnel, according to him, light was one of the pure energies that could travel in waves; later, he spent half of his life developing the right lens that could consecrate the light. His creation is situated at Phare de Cordouan, France. Lighthouse seemed like a marine protection guideline, and it also symbolized sailors about the dangerous shorelines and reefs. In other words, it is seen as a navigation instrument too. The word lighthouse comes from the Indo-European word leuk, which means ‘brightness’, and Hassan in German, which means ‘dwelling’.

Why is National lighthouse day celebrated?

Wonder what national day is it and why it is celebrated? This day is celebrated to spread awareness, peace, and prosperity among the sailors and other naval offices. On this day, people think about sailors who went on difficult voyages and lost their lives, due to which the lighthouse symbolizes peace and protection, and the lighthouse emits light in the darkness when people search for land. Lighthouse gives them a ray of hope. Lighthouses are like traffic signals for boats and ships; hence this day is celebrated for the most effective work done by Augustin Fresnel as his invention has saved many lives.

How to celebrate National Lighthouse Day?

  • On this day, gather your family, friends, and loved ones, visit a nearby lighthouse, and spend some time there.
  • Pay tribute to the people who lost their life due to shipwrecks, storms, and people who died in boats or ships due to any mishap.
  • Gather all the little kids and ask them to paint a lighthouse, or with Lego toys or building blocks, make kids create a lighthouse with their creativity and ideas, and teach them the importance of a lighthouse.
  • Take a picture of the lighthouse and post it with #nationallighthouseday.
  • Spread awareness to people about the major impact that the lighthouse has created in the lives of sailors.
  • Give a donation as a team from your community members and do the needful things for the lighthouse, like cleaning it, repainting it, cleaning the lens and etc, as a good citizen.
  • Write a postal letter to your loved one or relative who loves traveling through water.

Interesting facts about Lighthouse

  1. The first lighthouse was called Alexandria’s lighthouse, dated between 300 and 280 B.C.
  2. Spain has the oldest lighthouse, and it is still standing.
  3. The oldest lighthouse was constructed by Romans in 20 BC.

One can do plenty of things on this national day in August. You can bake cookies and cakes in the shape of a lighthouse or throw a party with the theme of a lighthouse or ocean or start a parade by dressing up to symbolize a lighthouse; there is surely a lot to do. It is undeniable that lighthouses are one of the best relaxing spots for people, and for couples, it’s the best date spot. Make the most of this national day, spend time there with your loved one, and enjoy the nature and sea breeze on National Lighthouse Day.

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