National Martini Day
Celebrated On June 19, 2021

National Martini Day 250 days to go

Martini is an amazing cocktail. It is made using gin or vermouth and is garnished with an olive or a lemon twist. It is a wonderful alcoholic beverage which would help a person to clear all the stress. An American writer E.B White called martini as the” Elixir of quietude”. A glass of martini has an amazing capacity to calm one’s body and mind.H.L Mencken, an American journalist and essayist said that Martini is the only American invention as perfect as a sonnet.  The blend of gin with olive or lemon gives it a perfect taste and takes one to the party mode.

History of National Martini Day

The history of the creator and the creation of the national martini day are not documented. The national martini day is celebrated on June 19, and it is most popular in the United States of America. The history of martini is well known and it gained its popularity in the 1990s.


History of Martini

The first known recipe of Martini dates back to 1887. It appeared in a bartending manual published in San Francisco and was called as Martinez.It is said that in 1911 a bartender called Martini di Arma Di Taggia from Newyork served a cocktail made with gin, vermouth, orange bitters and garnished with olives. Martini has always been served in a unique glass and the glass is iconic to a martini.


What should one do on National Martini Day?

If one is the fan of James Bond, it is certain that the fact that James bond loved martini is also known. So, one can just enjoy the novel featuring James bond with a glass of martini on the national martini day. Martini calms the body and soul after a long day. The national martini day is the best occasion to chill with a glass of martini and have a peaceful sleep. It would be an amazing day if a recipe of the martini is tried and cherished with the loved ones on the national martini day. The bars will be in a boozy and party mode on the national martini day. The party loves can enjoy the best on the national martini day at the favourite bars.


Why should one celebrate National Martini Day?

Every tradition deserves a celebration. The amazing drink called martini has a long and interesting history, and it deserves a celebration. It is loved by many fictional characters and real-life celebrities. So, one can just pay a tribute to them by celebrating the national martini day.

Cocktails are known for the parties. So, let the martini be celebrated with fun and party. Cocktails helps one calm after a long day. Martini is the drink of elite, and let the ones calm themselves after a hectic schedule for months on the national martini day.

Alcoholic beverages do no harm when consumed within limits. A cocktail like martini is such a wonder that a glass of it is enough to make one calm. it  would clear all the confusing thoughts in the mind and give a peaceful sleep.


When is National Martini Day?

2020June 19
2021June 19
2022June 19
2023June 19


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