National middle child day

National Middle Child Day 2023

Last Updated on February 6, 2023


In a family, middle children are the least pampered. Larger families will have more than one middle child. Middle children become caretakers of younger ones and must also bear the authoritative rules of the elder ones and the parents. Middle children are believed to be competitive as they strive to win over the eldest child in the family and be taken as a role model by the youngest one. The middle ones would have got the crown status like that of the eldest one, and they would not feel the sadness of being dethroned as the first child in the family did.


History Of National Middle Child Day

The national middle child day is celebrated on August 12th annually. It is more popular in the United States of America and is also being celebrated in other countries. It was created by a Woman called Elizabeth Walker in the 1980s.In a newspaper article, her grandson Litton Walker III had said that Elizabeth Walker created the day to honor the middleborns whom she felt as always ignored or left out in the family.

  • A psychiatrist named Alfred Alder had said that birth order affects the personality of a person. The personality differs according to the birth order due to experiences in the early childhood stage.
  • Some studies on personalities have said that middle born tend to more artistic and creative.
  • Middle born tend to feel as they are not considered much by the family members as they are not given the leadership role as that of the firstborn child.
  • Last born children tend to be more dependent as they have got the elders and their parents to support them in all their needs. The eldest child tends to be more independent and dominant as they are fed with responsible since the next child in the family is born.


How To Celebrate National Middle Child Day?

  • Middle born children need love and care. The parents must make this day the best for the middle born children in the family. The parents can give the best gift that middleborns in the family deserve.
  • The children in the family can gift their middle born mom, dad, grandmom, or granddad.
  • The middle born children in the locality can meet up and have a small part during the national middle child day.
  • Social media sites can be used to create a buzz about national middle child day. If you are a middle child, you must tell how you feel about the day in your post.


Why Is It Important To Celebrate National Middle Child Day?

  • The day was created to honor the middle children. The day must be celebrated so that the middle born do feel equally loved by their parents and other family members.
  • Parents would love all their children in an equal state. But, children would feel the difference as parents would unconsciously make few errors due to circumstances. The middle born can be said to express themselves on the day dedicated to them.


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