National Pancake Day
Celebrated On September 26, 2021

National Pancake Day 348 days to go

Pancakes are the crispy and a yummy wonder like by people around the words. Although pancakes are known to the popular snack among the kids, there isn’t any age limit to fall in love with the amazing taste of the pancakes. Pancakes are quick to make and it will be a delicious wonder that could melt the heart of the ones relishing it as the first bite is taken. Pancake looks thin and the fillings are the real wonder that would make one forget themselves while relishing it.

The pancakes are more popular around the world and it certainly deserves a national day.


History of national pancake day


The tradition of observing the national pancake day differs from one country to another. In the United Kingdom the Shrove Tuesday, which is the day before Ash Wednesday is celebrated as the National Pancake day. Pancakes deserve a lot of celebration so apart from the Shrove Tuesday it is also celebrated on September 26th in the United States and a few other countries. IHOP celebrates the national pancake day on February 25th to raise funds for helping millions of sick children across the United States and Canada.


Few facts on pancakes


  1. The history of pancakes dates back to more than 30000 years ago. It may be considered as the oldest breakfast food.
  2. Pancakes are also known as griddle cakes, hotcakes or Jhony cakes.
  3. It is believed that ancient Greece was the people who invented the recipe of pancakes. Now, there are various varieties of pancakes around the globe.
  4. In Indonesia the pancakes known as “Serabi” which is made up of rice flour and coconut milk is consumed. In Uganda, pancakes are made using bananas.
  5. In the Britain, France and other parts of Europe sweet and savoury filling is put within the pancakes.
  6. The trend of celebrating the national pancake day on September 25th began in the year 2005 in the United States of America and a few other countries. It was knowns as the Lumberjack day initially.


What should we do on national pancake day?


The best way to enjoy the national pancake day is to prepare a wonderful recipe using pancake with friends and relish it as a group.

The bakery is the place that deserves the celebration of pancakes. We could get home the best pancakes and relish it with full satisfaction.

If we love to celebrate the day with friends and family, we can plan to have dinner at a beautiful restaurant and enjoy pancakes as an additional dish.


Why should we celebrate national pancake day?


Pancake is a popular and yummy dish around the world. The taste of pancakes gives delight to the mind, so we must celebrate the day and enjoy various varieties of pancakes with our loved ones.

There are various varieties of pancakes on this earth. National pancake day is an opportunity to try various pancakes that are available in our locality. Many bakeries will offer best deals during national pancake day, so one must enjoy all the best offers.


When is National pan cake Day?

2020Sep 26
2021Sep 26
2022Sep 26
2023Sep 26


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