National Penguin Day
Celebrated On January 20, 2021

National Penguin Day 100 days to go

This world consists of different types of birds and animals, Each and every animal is unique in their own way. When it comes to the odd ones in birds, Penguin will always have its place for being odd. It is one of those cute looking birds, which walks straight and don’t have strong wings to fly, rather it swims in water.

That’s what makes it different than any other bird, There are many types of penguins in the world. The National penguin day is celebrated on January,20, And world penguin day is celebrated on April,25. Both of these days are celebrated for spreading awareness about this flightless bird.



The national penguin day was first celebrated in 1972, on California by Gerry Wallace. It started after he wrote an event in the calendar of his wife. Then it was later celebrated in Ridgecrest, a place in California. Everyone loves to be celebrating a day that is special for the unique bird, That gives so much joy, just by their characteristics.

  1. There are 17 different types of penguins, in the Antarctica and southern hemispheres.
  2. Penguins look like mammals, But actually not and it belongs to birds species.
  3. It has an incredible bond with their partner till their death, It only chooses a single partner and stays with them till their end.
  4. Johann Reinhold Forster was the first to spot a few emperor penguins during a voyage.
  5. The tallest species in the penguin is the emperor penguin.



This National day is used for spreading awareness among the people, about the extinction of this featherless bird. There are 11 species of penguins that are said to be going extinct at the end of this century. And the reason for it is climate change and the melting of icebergs and the pollution that is caused by human beings. So, to take an initiative, in saving it and to make everyone contribute their effort to reducing pollution. These are the major reasons why? This day is celebrated.



1.There are certain ways to celebrate this day, like reading about penguins and sharing the knowledge to the people who don’t know it.

2.By going to a zoo, that has penguins and showing it to the next generation.

3.If Books make you feel bored, You can take alternatives by watching a documentary about the species and its kind.

4.This day was addressing two important problems, which is the extinction of birds and pollution.

5.we can clean the oceans, where the penguins return offshore regularly in a certain period of time.

We know that pollution and global warming is a global threat to everyone. That leads to many species being wiped out of the earth. There are many species that went extinct in the past. Just like those species, now certain penguins stand in the line. It was our duty to save those beautiful creatures from going extinct and reduce pollution.


When is National Penguin Day?

2020Jan 20
2021Jan 20
2022Jan 20
2023Jan 20


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