National Potato Chips Day

National Potato Chips Day 2024

Last Updated on November 28, 2023

The word potato chips have got the ability to melt the heart of anyone on this earth. The ones who do not like potatoes must be an alien on Earth. The potato gets the best taste as it is fried. The potato chips are crispy and stand as a sound of energy to the mind and body. The potato chip is famous worldwide, and people enjoy this holiday. The potato chip bag deserves a day to be celebrated as National potato chip day. Millions of people wait for this holiday to gulp down yummy potato bag chips.

History of Potato Chips Day

History of National Potato Chips Day

National potato chip day March 14th is celebrated as the national potato chip day in the United States and a few other countries. There is much evidence on the history of potato chips on March 14, but there isn’t enough documentation or archives regarding the history of National potato chip day.

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Here are a few Facts About Potato Chips

  1. The history of potato chips dates back to 1853, on March 14. An unhappy customer kept complaining that the potatoes were thick and soggy. Chef George decided to try an innovation. He cut the potatoes into thin slices and fried them until they were crispy. Salt was sprinkled on the fried potatoes. The recipe caught the hearts of many customers. The recipe was named Saratoga Springs Chips.
  2. The crispy version of potato chips was officially found in 1853. The history of trying out to make potato chips dates back to 1823.
  3. The term Saratoga chips became popular in the 1870s. The term got its place in the menu card of various restaurants.
  4. The chips had become more popular, and then the chips were baked in the hot oven to stay crisp for longer days.
  5. Dayton, the Ohio-based Mike –sell’s potato chip company, is the oldest potato chip company in the United States of America. It was founded in the year 1910.
  6. The flavored potato chip was invented in the 1950s. Later, the snack food market was flooded with amazing potato-back snack options. It was one of the best snack foods after fries.

What Should We Do on Potato Chips Day?

Potato chips day, March 14, is to enjoy the best potato chips during the holiday. It is our choice to enjoy the day as we want. We can sit like couch potatoes in front of the television and enjoy a pack of potato chips or have a lot of fun with friends and family by taking enough packets to enjoy during a trip. It is the best snack food for home consumption. Enjoy a potato chip party with your family, as it is the best snack in New York.

We can make an innovative recipe using potato chips and enjoy the day with our family members and friends. Kids love potato chips, so adults can try to teach the kids about the art of making crispy potato chips during this holiday.

Why Should We Celebrate Potato Chips Day?

The potato chip is widely popular around the world. It has blended well with various cultures around the world. Potato chips have got a long history. The celebration of National potato chip day in March is a credit to the inventors of the recipe.

The large round potato has entered the heart of many people worldwide in the form of chips. Let the National potato chip day celebration on March 14th be filled with joy, fun, and laughter.

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